Help needed with an old old taito cab

A freind of mine has a 1979 taito lunar rescue cocktail cabinet (i believe it’s the same as this). He wants to know if I can swap the board for a different game for him. I don’t really have experience with arcade boards but I am a qualified computer technician and pick up things like this pretty quickly. The question is Would I be able to put this board in that cabinet? I’m guessing at minimum I’d need to put a 4 way stick in instead of the 2 way stick that it has in it at the moment.

Any help at all would be appreciated

You’d have to rewire the cabinet, that came out way before jamma…


I thought that might be the case. How about the power supply and monitor would they need replacing aswell or should they be ok? what would I need to buy to rewire it? I’ve seen jamma harnesses is that all i need? also am I likely to have problems with the size/shape of the jamma board?


A cabinet that old will be using an isolation transformer to power the monitor… If it works, I would probably just leave that alone… Depending on your picture quality, you might want to cap it, or if it’s dead, you could always just replace it with a new lcd monitor…

If you’re going to rewire the cabinet to jamma, you might as well put a new switcher in there for the board… It will actually be easier than trying to hack into the old existing (and possibly flaky) power supply…

Here’s a quick shopping list for this project: board, switcher, quick connects for the buttons, test/service switches; spade connects for the switcher; molex connector (and pins) for monitor (video connection). I can’t remember how many buttons that game uses, you’ll want at least 2 per player for a 48-in-1… If you need some help with the harness, email me. We have done complete custom harnesses for customers in the past…



Awesome thanks for the help. The monitor and power supply in it are working perfectly as the machine is used on a regular basis in his pub. The only thing I was worried about with them is if they would actually be compatible with the newer gear. Also currently the controls on his cabinet only have a 1 player setup as 2 player lunar rescue is turn based. Would it be a must to install player 2 controls? I was hoping the only new controls I’d need to put in would be an extra button and maybe a 4 way stick since it only has a 2 way stick and 1 button.

I can get pictures of the power supply and monitor if it would help figure out what connectors and such I’d need on the harness.

Thanks again

Those boards have a “cocktail” mode, so you would just need to make both sides 4-way, with 2 buttons… If you want to send pictures, it’s probably best to email them to me, we can continue this conversation that way if you still need help…