Help needed with SFIV Controls in arcade cabinet


Hello everyone,

I recently installed SFIV pc version on my SFII CE / MAME Cabinet using Ultimarc’s latest PCI Expresss video card. It proved to be a very difficult task setting it up but I got it to work non the less. The only thing I don’t like (that’s where my question comes in) is there a way to use the control panel stick and buttons on the cab to control all the menus in the game and by that I mean that as it stands, I have to use the keyboard to navigate the menus and character select screen and once the fight starts, I am able to use the stick buttons on the control panel. Very annoying to say the least.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciate it.

Cheers guys


If you’re going to want to use the control panel with the stick, you’re going to have to use a X360 controller. PS3 controllers won’t work.

I don’t think the game recognizes non-X360 PCBs the way you want.


The program joy2key will allow you to map keyboard commands to your joystick. As long as those don’t interfere with gameplay I think it should work nicely.


Thank you for the help but I am not using a PS3 controller. I should’ve stated I am using an xarcade board for my cabinet setup. My apologies :frowning:


See this thread. I’m using a PC SFIV in my cab with a JPAC board and everything is working great after setting things up correctly.


Thanks dasfool. I tried that method earlier and it doesnt seem to work for me. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

I copied the sample xaecade ini file shown on that thread as I am using an xarcade pcb but still can’t get it to work :frowning:


well jpac does the keyboard mapping in the first place so if hrs not using a j-pac that wouldn’t really work


I’m not using the JPAC but the xarcade pcb I am using decodes the keyboard mapping. It works for mame soI dont see why it wouldnt work with SFIV.


The game works with non-X360 PCBs (I’ve gotten my HRAP3 and PS3 TE to work on my brother’s setup). Any issues with the PS3 TE are due to that sticks preference of USB 1.1 host controller standard and not the game.


The x-arcade should work basically the same as the j-pac since they both register as a keyboard. Are you sure you put the files from that thread in the right place and set the controller correctly from within sfiv’s controller settings screen?


double post. See reply below.


I assume so.The dll and ini file were put into where the SFIV EXE is. Button configuration also matches what is shown on the thread so I don’t know what else I am doing wrong. Strangely enough, I tried running the patch on my desktop that also contains SFIV using the exact same procedure and all the controls for p1 and p2 are present on the keyboard, yet when i try it on my cab, it doesnt seem to work.


download xpadder. you can map your joystick to emulate the arrow keys on the keyboard. that should fix your problem


I don’t mean to be patronizing, but do you have the controller setting within SFIV set as the thread says, all keyboard setting MUST be set to ?none?? Because what this dll is doing (I think) is tricking SFIV into thinking that the keyboard is an xbox controller. Other than that, I’m out of suggestions. :confused:


I’m such a tool. After comparing files, I noticed I was off by one digit, hence as to why it wouldnt work.

Fixed it and all works well now :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for their help.


Awesome. Enjoy SFIV as it was meant to be, on your cabinet. :slight_smile: