Help needed!


Hi everyone, I am completely new to fighting games. However I really want to get into Super Street Fighter IV. The only problem is, I suck at the game and really need someone to help me out with it. If any of you wouldn’t mind helping out a newbie then please add me on Xbox Live and show me a few things. Any help will be much appreciated.



Check out the character threads, the SRK Wiki and be more specific on what you need help with exactly.


If you play balrog add me up. Im still learning also.


i can answer your basic questions, feel free to pm me. the main trick to SF of any stripe, is to understand the VERY basics of the game. timing, blocking, jumping, and comboing. the specifics are less important when you are learning. then understand your character types. shoto characters (ryu, ken, akuma, etc etc.), charge characters (guile, blanka, balrog etc.), other (characters that dont easily fit into the other 2, lol). etc etc, blah blah blah,

start simple, find a character that fits you and go from there.

it’s all daunting now, and figuring it out will be hard. you will lose a lot, and your tears may flow like water, but the rewards are worth it.