Help Needed


Hi all.

I started playing SF from last 1 year on pc with xbox controller i liked it so much felt like complete addiction but was not good in game still lost online matches but i still love to play it after suggestion from a friend i switched to arcade stick (hori rap v3 sa) practicing on it from past 5 month & i can do most of the stuff like fadc into ultra`s but in real battle i sometimes feel dumb stuck. But my min prob is i am unable to decide which character should i make my main. And need some more tips for better execution with stick i know practice is the key but want to know right way of practice.

thanks in advance.


What’s your favorite fight style? Do you like making big reads with a grappler or do you like mix ups (viper/akuma)?


Go for 1000BP with each of the 39 characters, that should give you the basics of each character and a little familiarity with them. See which one you enjoy using the most, and then practice with him/her. If after more time and effort the character doesn’t seem to fit, go and try another you enjoyed.