Help Needed..



I’m starting to use Strider as my main but I’m having problems getting used to Doom… I really don’t like using him but I love using Strider.

Anyways, I was wondering if there were any other alternatives aside from Doom.

I know CapCom and Tron are good choices, but I don’t know if a team would work…


Never mind, I ran with Strider/Doom. Really fun when you get the hang of it. I like pairing them with Iron Man, Tron or Cable.

What do you think is the best choice with them aside from Sentinel?


Yeah Doom does seem a bit awkward for first time players, but once you get used to his normals and their capabilities (range, start-up time, priorities, etc) then he can be fun to use. Doom has A LOT in his arsenal. IMO, it’s just the slow start-up & long recovery time of his certain moves that prevents him being god-tier.

Check out this vid to see what he’s capable of:


I would run those characters in this order: IM(AA)/S/D, S/D/T(Proj) and S/C(AA)/D

For IM/S/D you want to use IM to build meter for Strider. Team disadvantage is getting stomped out by Sent.

For S/D/T you can call Tron and teleport -> major damage. Team disadvantage is if Strider dies, then Doom has to fend for himself with a limited range assist.

For S/Cable(AA)/D you now have a legitimate AA to knock ppl out of the air. Just don’t abuse Cable AA of he will get punished, especially against Sent/CC. Team disadvantage is Strider uses up all the meters that Cable needs to make him a threat. However, Cable can still fair well with Doom AA without meter.

Try them all out and see which suits you the best. Personally I would run IM/S/D because I like IM.:bgrin:


Thank you, Corrado.

Is there anything else that can work with Strider/Doom?