Help! New Madcatz TE is NOT WORKING out of the box (very dissappointed with Madcatz!)

So I just got my Limited Edition BBCS stick from Madcatz.

This is the exact same model as any other TE BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Fightstick Tournament Limited Edition: Playstation 3:?

The Joystick works perfectly.
The Home button works perfectly.
The Start button works perfectly. I assume Select works just as fine.
The analog switch for the Joystick works fine, as well as the lock.


The console does not recognize any input for the face buttons.

I don’t think the Turbo function is working either, although at this point it’s impossible to know for me.

I really hope this issue is common and has an easy fix. I am totally willing to open up my stick to fix it, but I am going to need a little help from you guys because I have never done this kind of thing. I am pretty much guessing that with my stick they pretty much forgot to actually wire the buttons! I have no extra parts/replacements.

Besides this stick I already own the crappy Hori FS3 but I never ever opened it… never had the need to.

I had never touched Sanwa parts before but I was surprised to see how light the buttons are, they almost feel flimsy to me, compared to Hori buttons.

I have terrible luck with electronics. Sending this back to Madcatz is going to be a last recourse for me because despite warranty I would still have to pay shipping to the US and back again (I live in Costa Rica).

I payed $200 for this stick. This is heartbreaking. I am so pissed at Madcatz/Sanwa/Aksys/whoever is responsible for this failure. How do I fix this?

Can somebody please kindly explain to me how is it that a brand that so many people in this community keep in such a high regard has completely and utterly failed me? I am just beginning to show the extent of my frustration.

shit happens man.

those BB TEs are sweet. can’t you just return it?

talk to markman

Don’t talk to me, I am not tech support.

Please contact Mad Catz or Amazon, It’s probably faster to go through Amazon at this point.

Let me know if you need the contact info, PM me.

Yeah, Markman’s a busy guy, we don’t call Seth Killian every time we can’t land a combo. You need to consult the right people, not people like Markman.

so thats why seth dosent return my calls…

Also, worst case scenario and you are stuck with it… order a MC Cthulhu and replace the insides… wich could still be working but something might have come lose in the shipping?

dont open the stick unless its your last resort, otherwise you’ll void the warranty and Madcatz and Amazon arrent responsible at that point.

the BB TE’s are hella sexy thou, kudos to Madcatz again =)
(most people dont have problems with the products, but the ones that do, speak out, and speak loud and alot)

TC here. So basically, I DON’T want to return the stick. For you guys it must be very convenient, being able to easily return your stuff to the seller when it doesn’t work, and for free too. I’ll let you know a little about what a pain it can be when this happens to someone outside of the US. For starters, I’m looking at about $60 to ship to Miami and back, plus at least 3 extra weeks of wait. I’d rather take those $60 and order custom parts.

That is actually my best guess. The flight from Miami to San José is always rough, and customs treats your stuff like shit and the shipping boxes always come out battered and beaten.

Now what I would like is having someone here to confirm if there is at least a small chance of being able to fix it by opening and inspecting the inside. At this point I just want a confirmation that it’s worth giving it a try now that returning is not an option.

But, yeah… if I opened it and nothing can be done, then I will go the modding route and order a MC Cthulhu and Sanwa parts. To think that I bought THIS very stick to be able to avoid that.

  1. It already has sanwa parts. Buttons don’t break very often.
  2. If exactly all 8 face buttons don’t work then maybe you are lucky and just that harness is loose on the board (or maybe I’m thinking of the Hori pcb, but TEs have a similar setup). I think you likely have a good chance to fix it just by opening it up. If it was going to cost me $60 to send it back, I would just void the warranty and look at it. Especially since just buying a new board is cheaper.

Is the little switch set to DP? This sounds like one of those problems where it’s in the wrong position.

That’s for the joystick… the buttons should work regardless.

Open it up via the top and take pictures.

Try to get close up pics of the PCB and the Terminal Strip too.

Make sure the two wiring harness on the Terminal Strip is inserted fully.

Okay great. Now I’m off to the hardware store to buy a 3mm hex key.

I’ll open the top and take pictures of the inside.

Call MadCatz first, their tech support can authorize you to open it up without voiding the warranty.

Okay, pics… I took these right after I opened the case. Again, it’s only the 8 face buttons that are not working, the other buttons and the joystick are perfectly fine.


Terminal strip?


I’m not quite sure what to do now…

Friend ordered his during the sale and had the same problem. But with only 2 buttons.

I hope you called Mad Catz before opening it up though. Doesn’t that void warranty?

I’m not familiar with the PS3 version TE’s but isnt it missing the PCB?? bottom left corner…

i think it only voids warranty when u disconnect the wire harness. im pretty sure thats why they put the hot glue there…

I already did call Madcatz and they told me that they wouldn’t offer support for the LE’s. They told me that in every case like this their only suggestion was to have it replaced, but that if I send it to them they will only replace it with a SF TE… talk about a no go.