Help new team

ok so i dont play anything anyone else plays really i kinda have odd combos and basicly im making a team thats gambit cyke bone wolvie or mabye sabertooth and was wonder what combos you guys can come up with or good sugesstions for a second or third guy but i definetly want gambit on point that basterds my hero lol

also i was thinking i saw higher jins sabertooth vid and was wondering if those sent assist combos would aslo work with gambit projectile assist if so i might put sabertooth on point with cyke-aa and gambit-proj

ok and please none of this add all these high teir chars and it it will rock kinda things i only play at home with a few friends i dont need anything tournement worthy just something to slap around my buddys with.

im not going to ask you to put high tiers but im asking you if the team chemistry works

yeah it works alright in all variations of bone wolvie sabre gambit cyke aa not so sure about as im not very good with cyke if i have to play him on point

Edit: scratch that shit i found gambit iron man cyke im doing pretty good with it