Help newbs or (just me go) from a PS2 controller to a stick


Ok so here’s the deal, A while back my friend introduced me to this awesome game on a PS2 at college, Since we had no sticks we grew up on the pad, So years go bye I buy the new PS3 MVC2 mad catz stick cept I’m having a lot of trouble making the move from pad to stick so I thought I’d come here for some pointers.

Ok my key problems, As I play this and other fighters my main problem seems to be from doing double QCF motions and similar stuff like it, I don’t know why why but whenever I try to do a super in other street fighters it comes out as shoryuken is there a correction for this another way to do it?
So whats this have to do with marvel you ask? Well I’m noticing similar difficulty in mvc2 moves such as Sent rocketpunch in to HSF which I can get bout 60% of the time. the biggest issue I’ve had is with connecting Mags Hyper Gravs from Psylockes AAA
While I know that many people say repetition and practice is the way to go I wanted to check and see if there are any problem areas that other people that go from PAD to stick go through, I also hope this thread will help anybody else whose going the switch as well.


By the way my PS3 name is scooba26
I’m also looking to learn general strategy if anybody would like to help much appreciated


ok is there maybe a better forum on SRK to post this topic or do people just not have any advice for just getting started on a stick ?
thank you in advance to anyone who replies


Yeah going from a pad to a stick is totally different! But the thing about it is that you have completer control of the character better IMO on a stick.

The problem your having is very simple, you just need to train your mind and hand motions to do those moves. I had this same problem myself when I went from pad to stick but I basically taught myself how to do it in practice mode. When I first got my custom stick I just went straight to practice mode and tried to do some of the moves I do on the pad on the stick and come to find out… it’s hard as hell to do it! It’s like you know how to do the rom on a pad but when you get on a stick you be messing up big time! You gotta relearn the whole timing and everything.

This is basically what I did to learn how to use my stick. Go in training mode and just sit there and do the basic moves back to back.

[], d.hp, sj, hp, addf, hp, hk, land, (five fierce)
], d.hp, sj, magic series (lp, lk, lp, lk), Hyper Grav xxx Magnetic Tempest
[]lk + sent assist (rocket punch), lk, Hyper Grav xxx Magnetic Tempest
]hk, lk, lp, lk, lighting attackx2 xxx lighting storm
[*]lk, lp, lk, typhoon xxx hail storm
lk, lk, rocket punch xxx hsf
d.hp, [fly, unfly, land, d.hp] (repeat in bracket)


You know… just basic stuff cause you gotta relearn it since your coming from a pad to a stick.

Like just sit there and do those basic moves back to back to back for like 5-10mins straight or till the point that it’s second nature to you. Then you move onto the next combo you wanna learn, simple.

I mean there isn’t really much to say other than practice and get a feel for the stick cause you jumping from a pad to a stick isn’t no overnight thing, you gotta get used to it. Hopefully this helped out a little.


just wanted to say thanks to bman409