Help No Longer Needed - Thanks

:karate:VIDEO NOW COMPLETED:karate:


let the thread die like Todd’s martial arts career

ENJOY :coffee:

Man wotta douche. Wish I could help, Martial Arts Guidos are the worst variety.

Yes, and the whole point of this video would be to create a campaign to generate money for a plane ticket to the US so you can extract vengeance on this douchebag… Right?

You’re in NYC so you could do it right?

Anything to keep siffus sensei respect.

Someone do this for seinfeld sensai!

Yes, I could do it, but after all, you are the student. Did Daniel-san use something other than the crane stance to defeat the Cobra Kai? Did Jackie Chan’s rumble in the Bronx take place in Harlem? If the tiger was standing and the dragon was in plain sight, would the outcome have been the same? If there was no sequel to Rush Hour would Chris Tucker have a career? You see? It is up to you. It is your destiny. Make your Sifu proud.

Besides, I’m sure if you wrote a book about it I’m sure you’d get a bitchin’ novel to movie deal.


Looks like I may have to put the bat suit in for dry cleaning :coffee:

Wonder any of the photoshop wizards can help me with this one

These are the certificates that, notice the 1 out of the hours completed (165.5) is just a small square piece of paper stuck on. The same with the other certificate with 45 hours looks like a 6 is underneth it.

I was able to prove he was trying to forge Jerry Poteet’s certificate without ever meeting him.

I’ve completed the video