Help on a minor stick problem

Hello gents,

A few weeks ago I finished my first stick mod ->

I am very content with it as it reacts great and the buttons / stick are heavenly. However I’ve noticed a recurring problem that worries me…

When I start playing everything is perfect, but after about 1 to 2 hours, I have a period of +/- 20 seconds where all the buttons don’t react at all. The stick works fine during this period only the buttons are completely non-responsive. After a short period of time they work perfectly again, but after another half an hour the same thing happens again.

It’s not a single button that stops working. It is either any button at random or all of the buttons that stop working.

My fear is that it’s the PCB that is a little bit fried but no soldering iron ever came close to it, let alone touch the print itself.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could cause this?



Pics of the internals?

Thanks for the quick reply… There was one picture of the inside in the thread I linked to but it was a bit too dark. Here are some better views:

I can’t really tell, but it looks like too much wire is exposed on the buttons side and they made be shorting each other out. A wild guess though as I would have assumed that would have made all buttons activate instead.

In picture, it looks like there’s some sort of residue on the button traces. Try cleaning it with alcohol.

The wiring for buttons is hard to follow, there is a lot of electrical tape for button wires too. Maybe the answer lies in one of the tapes.

Hi there,

The tape is kinda messy but the colossal communal ground nugget can’t just be dangling there! As for the button traces, I did clean them as you said… Been playing since and haven’t gotten the problem so far!

Thanks for your help,


No problem, let Tech Talk know if there are any more problems.

Also my wording was unclear: I meant to say it looked like the wires were too exposed where the wires connect directly to the PCB. It doesn’t matter now though. Laugh.

An update on the problem:

After a few days of playing I noticed that the problem persisted. Luckily I have figured it out and hopefully it stays fixed this time!

It turned out that the issue was not the rubbish on the PCB, but an actual loose contact (the far right button connector // ground), that could be moved up and down. So if there was some pressure on it due to a weird turn during play, it would not connect, thus causing the buttons to be unresponsive. Some extra solder on there did the trick!

Again, thanks for all the help offered on Tech Talk!