Help on arcade trick

Hey Ive been trying to get double characters at the arcade and I cant seem to get it.

I do the random select but I always miss it.

I see ppl do it so easily.

can sum1 help me?

you have to have a fast eye and hands. Geese is the easiest to get though.

no theres another way.

this is what I see them do.
the guy picks sak and like goes around the random box for sum reason a couple times. then he brings the cusor off on the box. and like after a couple times the 2nd he puts the cusor on the box he chooses and he gets it.

random is not random. True random would suck ass. It scrolls through all characters then starts over. So you let it go through random for a while and watch. You notice it goes sak, vega, mai, ken, ryu… And you want 2 ryu’s.
Let it go through random and try to get your cursor off random when ken was the last character to come up. Hazzah, when you go back to random, it’ll start at ryu, so pick fast.
That’s from what I understand.

Seems a lot easier than it is. That’s why I don’t even bother to try it.

1. Pick first character
This is so you can go from random to end random to end, until the last character is the one you want. It is easier to see because it will be the last image.

2. Set random the the character you want
Once a character is picked it is removed from the random “lineup”. To keep it in the random lineup you move your cursor from random to end until it is the last picture that flashed

3. Pick the character normally

4. Pick character on random
Go to end, and slowy inch your cursor towards the random select. As SOON as your cursor goes to random press a button. It has to be before the character changes from the one you had it on.

oh ok so ur saying like if I have my cusor on random and I take it off, and the last character I see is lets say Ryu. then the next time I place the cusor on Random Ryu should pop up first?

Yup, but as you can see he wont stay there long.

ok kool