Help on Blackheart!



I’ve taken an intrest to Blackheart I used to think he sucked why I donno but he’s a good keep-away defensive character and I’m really hooked on standing HK since it serves as multiple hitting overhead attack and his air-dash gives him some manueverability but some things on him I’m, still a bit clueless like his standing HP in comparison to HK how to set-up maybe connect Amrageddon cause I always leave myself open and the other supers, poke strings, combo’s and teams he fits well into with what assists


S.Roundhouse is a BAD move. Don’t use it without some kind of assist backing you up. Opponents can block the kick and insert an assist between that kick and the demons - usually an anti-air like Cyclops which results in you getting shot.

BH is really basic. Just jumpback fierce a lot, and occasionally jump forward or stand there and hit short. His B&B is low shorts with anti-air assist, into Inferno xx HOD. Don’t try to connect Armageddon outside of the corner - and even there, that’s iffy. You have to mash hard and sometimes not even that works.

S.Fierce is okay. It was better when Magnetos would do a lot of high triangle jumps, but now that they mostly do low ones it’s not that useful.


If youre goin to pick up black heart, play him to zone and trap the opponent. take away their mobility while maintaining yours. i personally dont like doing his S.HK the recovery time is slow.

  • do not recklessly throw goblins (on air or on ground).
  • never do inferno by it self when you have no super to cancel into.
  • play him to zone not to run away.
  • learn which goblins to use when airborne.
  • never ground dash with out any back up (or when you know you can get away safely)
  • learn to utilize his pokes (his pokes has real good priority and reach)

well thats the basic idea, but more improtanly as with every character in the game. work on your blocking, and know when to push block.

hope i was of some help.


How do I cancel inferno into Hearts of Darkness to connect it and make it connect plus one time somehow I did two LP inferno’s on the opponent and it did 3 hits??? Plus how I do I cancel the HK into Super Combos to make it connect and Combo

  1. if the opponent was off the screen and you did an inferno, the 2nd hit normally connects and makes them prone. You have plenty of time to put in another inferno to make 3 hits.

2.) s.HK xx Super normally connects. As far as a legit combo goes, they may have to be in the air when the demons hit to make it combo.