Help on Building a Custom Fightstick

my plan is to build a custom arcade stick and i am wondering the best way to play on xbox 360, dreamcast and playstation 2. i was thinking about the X arcade BYO adapter but people have had mixed reviews about it what should i do
Note: i am not good with soldering

First question is what is the size of your budget ?

A Xbox 360 + Dreamcast + PS2 controller can be done 3 ways
[]Dual mod, example Xbox 360 PCB + MC Cthulhu and a imp or DPDT switch
]Dual Mod Xbox 360 and PS1/PS2 PCB and Dreamcast adapter.
[*]PS1/PS2 PCB with Adapters.

See the Converter Compatibility Thread for a list of Converter reviews.

Unfortunately your options doing Xbox 360 solder-less is next to nil, you can try to hire someone fromNeed a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post.
for someone you can hire to do this for you.[URL=‘’]

my budget is 200 bucks and what are your thoughts on x arcade BYO board to do this

I understand the new stock of X-arcade boards are much better and the X-arcade rep that post on here said there stuff is lag free.
If you want to avoid soldering make sure you get the leads that connect tot he board.

Crimp connectors and terminal strips will be your friends for a solderless build.

Thanks I will Probably go the x arcade route and see how it goes if it does not work out i might be able to return it (lifetime warranty) the problem is with the ps2/psx adapters is the adapters for the dreamcast is pretty hard to find and is out of stock right now, the casing i am getting is from arthong and the buttons will be sanwa along with a sanwa joystick (leaf switch mod) i will defiantly let you know how the x arcade performs and will let you know how the whole thing turns out

Thanks again for your help
any of these will work on dreamcast

what kind of case do you plan on making, most people forget to put much thought in their design, just artwork.

the case will be acrylic from arts hobbies with clear top, blue around the edges and a solid white bottom plan to upload pics when finished it may be awhile though i need time to get the money together