Help on Colossus!

well i have been experince some great deal abt colossus liek his quick combo super like dash in lk,hk,sj.lp,lk, smashing super! thats all i know some super i can connect 2 wel guy i need help i think colossus can make a difference better that jug. i gues… :smiley:

He’s only really good as an assist. I play him sometimes, but I hardly ever have to use him.

The only combos I do are:

Jump in RH, super grab
Jump in RH, launch, lp, lk, lp, lk, dash, into super

Sorry that I’m not more helpful.

I found launch, lp, lk, lk, dashxxcrash works midscreen… much easier than waitin to get lower or higher from some other weird setups.

well that works to well thanks anyways!:smiley:

Nah, he’s excellent on point. He just needs good support.

I use Colossus - Sentinel - Tron Bonne. Sent’s assist gives rush down help, while Tron gives Colossus asinine amounts of damage on top of his own close-up.

First off, don’t aircombo with Colossus - it’s not needed, and he does more damage on the ground. Most of his combos should not exceed 5 hits (Little damage reduction). Here’s some fundamental Colossus combos:

  1. -> -> LK Shoulder Tackle
  2. c.HK -> (OTG) LK Shoulder Tackle (You can do this fairly late too! You can actually wait to see if they don’t roll, then do it)
  3. s.HK -> Power Dive (Pull down on PP immediately)
  4. s.HK -> HK Shoulder Tackle
  5. IN CORNER: Combo #1 -> Power Dive (Pull down on PP immediately)
  6. Deep j.HK -> Giant Swing
  7. IN CORNER: Combo #6 -> OTG c.HK -> OTG LK Shoulder Tackle -> Power Dive (Pull down on PP immediately)
  8. c.HP -> Power Dive (Pull down on PP immediately)

#7 does not work on Sentinel, but #7 will do 90%+ on Magneto. Feel free to toss a jump-in move on any combo as well.

With Sent drones, and Trons rings, Colossus has a huge amount of options to tack one of those eight on.

Did I mention Tron Gamma? With Colossus on point, start the match in your opponent’s face, jump over them, Tron assist, combo #1. 50%+ on Cable.

The main thing you can do with Colossus is his Hyper Armor. But that’s an entire post in itself.


Actually, you kinda WANT to do air combos with Colossus. Couple of Reasons.

1)Easiest way to combo into power dive. (Either full magic series, or just sj. lp, mp)

  1. You get a S.RH, Tackle, AND a power dive in one combo. Lotta damage.

3)You can DHC from the power dive into other supers (HSF, Hailstorm, Headcrush, Proton Cannon, etc)… making 1 combo = dead character.

4)His Launcher is actually pretty good… and easy to land with his Hyper Armor on.

A couple of Tips:

A) You can Tiger Knee the LK Tackle to make it safe.

B)(Call Drones), LK Tackle XX Hyper Armor is the best way to engage the Armor.

C)His J. HK has a huge crossup box.

D)Tackles go through almost everything short of supers.

E)Regarding Armor: It works REALLY well on pixies. Magneto and Strom HAVE to run from you… or try to throw you… which is risky. Any “Assist” type character gets owned by this. Commando, Psylocke, Cammy, Tron. They can’t do jack.

I still don’t agree with air comboing with him. But, that’s just how I play. You can combo the Power Dive from a lot of things, including a c.FP or s.RK, and with this, you can DHC easily enough. Also, the Power Dive can be kind of funny, in the way that sometimes, you may just miss that second hit, which is BAD. I just think his ground game more than makes up for it. Avoiding the Dive also lets him have more meter for Hyper Armors and, also act somewhat of a battery. And you have to admit, ALL his combos do a ridiculous amount of damage, ground or air, especially for so few hits, so in some ways, he doesn’t need the Dive.

Tackles can still hit after eating someone’s move too. They also have their own armor of sorts that allow you to take no damage when eating an attack. i.e. Iron Man’s Unibeam. Add HA to a Tackle, and you can knock Jugg’s cleanly out of his Headcrush, and a lot of other supers.

Hyper Armor is the best. If you’re playing Colossus without using it, stop playing him or start using it. For Magneto or Storm, it’ll be fairly obvious which tactic, run or throw, they’ll be doing early on, so adjust your play accordingly. Most players who have not seen a Colossus play, and those who’ve never seen one abuse HA, will get owned fairly quickly.

anybody has a video of colossus…?

Don’t forget to mash the hell out of his command throw (QCF+LP or HP) for the extra points of damage.

Also, his launcher as slow as it may seem can reset assists in the corner - not quite sure outside of the corner.

HA is great!!! Definitely abuse the hell out of it.

Basic corner combo with Colossus:

J. Fierce, S. Roundhouse, Superjump, SJ. Jab, SJ. Short, SJ. Jab, SJ. Short, Forward+ SJ. Fierce, SJ. Roundhouse.

Colossus isn’t a tough character to master. He’s simple yet effective. He can dispose of a character in the fewest hits possible. I only wish HA lasted a little bit longer. Also, his command throw should be comboed off of a magic series.

Here’s a few pointers for colossus:

>Make good use of his “tiger knee” lk-shoulder charge. This is very important. It comes out just as fast as OTG lk-shoulder charge, except you get almost no recovery time.

>You have to know when the right time to use his super armor, and use it to the best of his ability. The best time to his super armor is when you think your opponent is getting the better of you, like being backed into a corner or got you blocking so much you can’t move. You don’t have much time with the super armor so you’ve got to use it to gain the advantage. To gain the advantage I like to use alot of jumping f+FP and I don’t bother with blocking. Try to back them into the corner so colossus can unleash his most devastating combos.

>As an assist character he works great. I personally like to use his anti-air, but its all a matter opinion. I like to use his anti-air, because it can destroy rush down characters and knock down flying sentinals. If used effectively you can REALLY piss people off.

>He’s a few combos I like to use, that wasn’t mentioned yet.
1.launch (FK), sj.jab, sj.short, sj.strong, FK-Shoulder Charge xx Power Dive xx down+PP.
2.In Corner. j.FP, Jab-Cyclone Throw, OTG, d+short, standing FK (launcher), SJ, sj.jab, sj.short, FK-shoulder charge xx Power Dive. MASSIVE DAMAGE!
3.launch (FK), FK-Shoulder Charge xx Power Dive xx d+pp. Simple but effective!

>Don’t forget during his shoulder charge he is invisible against most attacks except for all supers. You can use this to your advantage by eating doom rocks instead of taking chip damage, or by hitting sentinals appenddages when he throws them out.

>Colossus may not be top tier, but if used effectively he can be an important tool for your team.

The Hyper armor is good but when you do it the guy is not stupid and he will start to run. :bluu:

I’m starting to look at Collosus seriously now. For a little variety as opposed to MSP, I use MSC. Colossus’ Anti-Air isn’t as abuseable as Psylocke [or is it?], but it most definitley adds a whole lot of damage to your average launch, hk, dashdown, lk, lk, re-jump (call assist), lk, hp/hk, assist hits, hyper grav. . . . . .He’s not invincible though, nor does he have fast startup like Psylocke. But he’s still pretty cool, so far. Any tips on using him with this team?

I’m really starting to like Colossus now and I must agree with Mizter Ed about the anti-air assist with Colossus, it really helps deal with flying Sent much better than his dash assist and unless you are using another Anti-air assist with him(Cammy, CapCom, Cyke, Shotos, Jin, Guile) then you should go with the anti-air assist. Personally if I play Colossus I’m gonna play Jugg/Hulk behind it (I know I’m biting this team but what the hell, its fun :smiley: ) and this team really needs his AAA to help out against some of the “better” characters in the game. Also, I’ve found that Colossus has some great throw priority and can really land some good damage off of it if you can shake people up with some early hard hits and get them on the defensive because of it.

Here’s a couple combos I know from a Colossus/Jugg/Hulk team:

Not much but I’ve found that if you can land a sweep/lk dash combo and have 2 meters you can quickly cancel into a Power Dive then immediately DHC into Jugg’s Headcrush or Hulk’s Gamma Wave(out of corner) or Gamma Quake(best in corner). As with most OTG combos its not a for sure thing, but if it hits and you can spot it out in time its very good damage.

Collusus/Sent (drones)

Collosus: cr.rh, call sent, ram (drones connect), crash super. If rh misses and you ram, drones will cover. People tend not to roll because it’s quick. if they do roll, improvise.

Colossus VS Sentinal?

At the past tourny in Charlotte, NC I went to, I had a lot of matches that came down to just my Colossus against Sentinal. I beat every Sentinal I played using just my Colossus. Well, my point is, if used effectivly Colossus can be big threat against alot of Sentinals. (Trust me, these guys weren’t no scrubs either.)

Here’s a few strategies I came up with against Sentinal:

-Colossus’ shoulder charge can beat out EVERY move Sentinal has including rocket punches and normal Sentinal Forces. If tries to slap you with a frying pan or a rocket punch don’t be afraid to throw out a shoulder charge. Just make sure you use the instant recovery [IR] Shoulder Charge*.

-Use the Hyper Armor constantly. This makes Colossus even more devastating against Sentinal. Yes, of course the little chicken will run and fly away until it goes away. Now tides have turned and now you’re on the offensive side. while your HA is active be sure to build up as much meter as possible. Try to hit sentinal by rapidly throwing out FP, FK, and FK shoulder charges while super jumping. By doing this you can build a whole bar before your SA runs out. Now repeat. Just remember not to go beserk, and don’t forget that Colossus is not invulnerable, he can still take some damage.

-Try to keep Sentinal grounded. He is not as dangerous and not as mobile on the ground as he is flying. The best bet is trapping Sentinal in the corner using j.FP and [IR]Shouler Charges. Sometimes getting him into the corner is hard, just try to lock him down once you get him there. SA helps to back him into by intimidation.

-If Colossus is coming in and sentinal attempts the unblockable use the lk shoulder charge and most likely you’ll go over the mouth beam and hit his rocket punch. A very good manuever indeed.

*Instant Recover Shoulder Charges are shoulder charges that end near the ground so that the recover time is shorter and near unpunishable. The two example are the “Tiger Knee” shoulder charge and the “Triangle” Charge. The Tiger Knee shoulder charge is done starting the controller motion from the Down-Back position and end it in the Up-Forward position so that its a super jump shoulder charge just a few inches from the ground but he’s still in the air. The Triangle Charge is done from the right super jump height so that he charges down and recovers just a few inches from the ground. It takes a little practice to get the right height down but its well worth it.

I hope this can help to improve some of your game against the giant Robutt.

Ed…my boys got one of your matches on tape if you want it.

Is this a good team for Collasus? storm/callasus/sent?

Build meter with strom for callasus’s HA, then use your imagination…

GammaDynamite-Sure I’m curious to see which match he got.:smiley:

Hustleman-I have a friend that uses that team very well. Storm can easily do hailstorms off of either colossus assist for alot of damage. Sent has some really nasty fast-fly combos with the colossus anti-air assist, but unfortunetly I don’t know much about sent so I don’t know how they go. I would recommend that you use Colossus’ AAA with that team though.

Simple fly combo would be like launch , sj.LK, sj.LK, xxflyxx fly.LK + assist, fly.HP, upwards rocket punch.

Ed clean out you damn mailbox…I tried to send you a message, but it’s full. The match I have i think is you first round, you beat some kid using MSP.

As far as FR7 goes…I’m not sure yet. I have to clear up a few things before I can make any plans for the near future.