Help on daisy-chaining and other questions


Hey guys.

I don’t post here often, but I do lurk a fair bit. Basically, my friend and I tried making arcade sticks a while back. We got mine done, but not his. We used Sanwa buttons and JLFs, as well as ripping the PCBs out of 360 controllers. This worked well for the most part, except that after a few months, the RB button stopped working, in addition to other problems. So the PCB is boned.

I’m looking to buy one of these: PS360 PCB

Would anyone be able to help me on how to daisy-chain to use common ground? I’ve never used a common ground before (due to my first time involving the extremely fussy 360 pad) and as such I’m a bit lost. A diagram would be especially helpful.

I’m also wondering about ways to tidy up the wiring on the inside of the case, apart from cable ties. I’m using the mayflash case from before, but last time it was a complete mess. Also, what is the best way to mount a Sanwa JLF?

That’s about it, really. My friend and I took ages last time and it was very difficult since one of the controllers died (the solder point came off completely), so any advice on the whole process would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Common ground simply means using only one ground wire for all the buttons. This means that just as long as all the switches are connected to the ground on the PCB, no matter how you do it, it’ll work.


I know that much, but it’s the actual, physical wiring that is foreign to me. If you could step me through the process to daisy chain the wires, I’d be in your debt.

I know this sounds like I really have no idea, but it’s something I’m really unclear on.


see how the grounds are all connected to both each other and the buttons?
its 1 single wire from the ground of the pcb, to the ground of 1 button.
from that single button’s ground, you’ll put another wire to another button’s ground, and so on.


That is how you daisy chain. But if you need to know how to crimp those little red things (Quick disconnects), we had quite the discussion here:


DaisyChain pictures by rtdzign - Photobucket


The idea of a daisy chain, is that you use alot less wire to wire up your controller. 1 common ground wire daisy chaining across your buttons and stick and 1 wire for each joy stick direction and buttons for signals. Most commercial game controllers are wired this way due to its easier to design and it’s cost efficient.

Example: In a common ground controller, if you made a 6 button stick, that is 4 wires for the joystick and 6 for each button other than your daisy chain wire. Some people lay out from common ground 2 wires, 1 for you stick and one for your buttons, both connected to the same point.

That is a total of 11 wires total (4 for joystick, 6 for six buttons and 1 ground) instead of having 8 for you joystick, and 12 for your six buttons being 20 wires.


Thanks guys, that’s made it a lot clearer in my mind. Just gotta buy some more parts now :slight_smile: