Help on getting stick to work on PC

Ok,so I have this arcade stick made by pelican the model is the “Real Arcade Universal” stick its compatible with ps/psx/ps2/gcn/xbox,I have the radioshack playstation controller USB adapter when I use a regular playstation controller it works fine,but when I use the arcade stick it doesnt seem work but the light is on,any help on how to to configure this?

note: the games im playing are on mame and Akatsuki BLITZKAMPF

-would appreciate much help

If I were you, I’d just hack the PSone pad you own and use it for the pelican stick.

how? can the pad itself actually work with my pc?

Basically wire up the pcb in the psone controller so that you can hook up your stick and buttons to it.

I’d suggest the pelican adaptor for PS3/USB PC, but I don’t think it works with the default pelican pcb.

Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction here soon.

You just said yourself it works with the regular controller. I think what he’s suggesting is too big a job for you. In short, the PCB (circuit board) inside your Pelican stick doesn’t work with the converter. So you have to either replace the PCB with one from a regular controller, or it won’t work. This will be hard for you if you have no knowledge of soldering, though.

yeah im already confused help.

Sorry I haven’t seen this before. I’m using the same stick. Gonna mod it soon. But get the Super Joy Box 10 xbox to pc converter. Works great on mame.

Only drawback to this stick is that it can blow out your ps2 rumble feature fuse, and that I haven’t found a way to use it on a dreamcast without changing the PCB.