Help on getting the Wii online


Hey guys,
I bought a wii used (yeah im still a poor student paying for my tuition)
anyway how can i get online? the guy said he moded the system with a wiikey, and then updated to play brawl or something like that, and this is the first version of wii

I was reading that people’s wii got bricked because they went online with a wiikey

can someone confirm? or if there is any way around it so i can go online? thanks so much.


No idea about wiikey nor do I think this is the right forum to talk about modded consoles.

For normal consoles, wii has built in wireless or you’ll need the usb- ethernet adapter for the wii.


depending on if wiikey is something that makes you play versions of games that aren’t released in your area or if it’s something more intense then yeah, it’ll probably get bricked if it’s the latter.

but if it’s the former, i’d read up on it more, but know that brawl is released everywhere now so you could spend another 50 bucks and not need to use the wiikey


hello …

can’t get wii online …help


the easiest way is to get a router


If you play games from your region there’s no difference between wiikey and the official disc besides read speed, you wont brick from going online with a wiikey.