Help on Goro Daimon Trial?


I am having a little bit of trouble on Goro Daimon’s 10th trial. It says in the beginning to do:
j.HP > HP > df+HP > HD > HP > df+HP > and then a grab and it continues from there. I keep having trouble with the last Down Forward HP. It seems to be missing every time I go in for it. I will get it a few times, but maybe every 1/20 tries.

I seem to get it more often when I push Takuma slighty more towards the corner than he already is, but I still seem to have trouble with it. Any reason behind this, or is there just a certain timing to it?

(Also, sorry if I put this in a wrong area of the forum, i’m not too good at where to put my questions.)


I think you are not getting the full dash from the HD activation? Make sure that you cancel the df+HP into HD ASAP so you get the auto dash, and not a auto HP. Then delay the second HP into df.HP a bit and you should get it every time. ^^


That’s exactly the kind of help I needed, Thank you!