Help on modding SE fightstick


So Ive been modding my brother’s SE stick. So far I replaced all parts with Sanwa as expected. Next up he wants me to make it multi console. Ideally I’d like to make it Ps3, 360, and Ps2 compatible so what magical Toodle’s items will I need for that? Is it better to us MC Cthulu with Imp or Chimp? Better with screw in terminals or without? Should I do the Neutrik deal or might it be too complicated. How do I mount the board in the stick and what do I do with the current PCB in there?

Thanks in advance, insightful answers appreciated.

(On the search bar, yes I know all of this material has been covered before but its hard to find scattered everywhere, thanks for understanding)


This would be a much easier and cheaper option. I helped my friend build his custom fight stick and can confirm first hand this works with PS3, 360 and PC as stated on the eTokki website. Read over this thread as there is more detailed information there:


This is all the info. you need:


ChImp is ONLY PlayStation 3 and PC.
Nothing else.

The PCB already in SE, what to do?
Well it depends on which it is.


Thanks all. Its a Ps3 PCB


Then you keep it.
If you get rid of it, where will Xbox 360 support come from?


ah crap. I was so fixated I meant to say Ps3. I told my brother to get the 360 version but alas he didn’t. Sorry about the confusion. What is the answer now?


Get rid of the stock PCB.
Because ChImp or any Cthulhu, is PlayStation 3.