Help on my first padhack

A friend of mine gave me a nearly fineshed stick. Sanwa buttons i think (i know the stick is) He said all i need to do is hardwire a PS2 Controller and its done. I opened up my PS2 controller and its not a motherboard…its this little blue plastic strip!!! How the hell do i get this work??? im so confused!!!

DualShock 2’s are rather difficult for a first time pad hack. Best recommendation would be to find an old, Sony brand, digital controller, the kind that does NOT have analog sticks. Much easier to hack and understand.

If you must use a DS2, check the padhacking thread. ‘dex’ got one working, but it required soldering a resistor to the board.

would a PS1 controller work??? im on a budget and sorta have to make what i got laying around work… i dont have much throw back gear laying around…

Read the first post here. It should answer your question.

In a word, yes. Check out the link as well. Lots of valuable info no matter what you decide to do in the end.