Help on PSN

I need help on PSN to get my skills better. Alli have been doing has been practicing combo’s and execution but when i play someone i forget everything. I have no idea how to zone, footsie, play defensively well or offensively well and im just looking for someone who would have the patience and ability to help me get better.

Preferably someone on the east coast of the US

This tends to happen to many people. When you play against someone else, there is a feeling of tension and panic that you have. Sometimes it can completely overwhelm you as your mind races at 400 miles per hour. All it takes is some experience and time. Once you get to the point where you’re not so nervous, you will begin to perform better.

My PSN is omegasinnocence. If I’m on I’ll play some matches with you.

awesome thanks!!!

Feel free to add me too… it’ll be helpful if you had a mic as well

I know i wish i had a mic but i don’t >.< the easiest method i have of communication is chat via pc… i know it’s lame but i havent the money. thats all gna change soon~