Help on type A ps solderless controller hack

now this is a type A controller …

but my problem is here

the place where you put the wires… is on the other side… not like in spiffy’s…

so is it possible to do this “hack” on this controller even thought the terminal or whatever is in a diff area?

edit… oh yeah and i always figured it would have individual slots separating each wire but its normal that it isn’t? and wont it be bad for the wires to be all touching each other, when they are inside the slots?

It doesnt matter where the ribbon connects. The connector itself should still be the same so the wires should still fit into it.

thank you very much for the quick reply

i almost felt like crying a little inside when i opened the controller lol…

It won’t work if the wires are all touching each other, are you sure there aren’t little slots? At first I thought there weren’t any slots too because they’re hard to see, but you should be able to feel the slots as you push the wires in. Good luck man. To be honest I find soldering the H pad easier than dealing with the delicate Solderless A, if you can learn to solder I’d just recommend using H-series pads.

awww getting even more scared now muaakak just waiting on my items then i will finally get to test it out…

if it sadly wont work then maybe i will try soldering something al;ksdjf;alksjfd



best way to figure it out is just to trace the circuit on the membrane and write it down.

urth thats what i did and it does go all the same too

so i am hoping it works out well…

but i was surfing another topic and paik4life said that these type of controllers are like 50/50 chance to work only so a;slkdjf…

ahhhh items should be here any day now i hope so i can finally get started lols

Maybe a stupid question but are you sure it is a PS1 controller and not a PS2 controller? I bought a PS2 controller off someone in the Trading Outlet because he just told me it would work for the solderless hack and didn’t mention the PS2 part. The ribbon terminal is where you said yours is, on the opposite side of the Spiffy Shoes one.

pretty sure its a ps1 controller its the clear blue ones its type A but a different number 1200 i think

Its a PS1 controller I’ve opened up a few of those pcbs before. I didint realize it when i wired it and went with spiffy shoe’s guide. Then i had a bunch of problems. In the end i figured out the order was reversed since the ribbon terminal was on the other side.

i think it goes like if i would mount it like the picture i posted… starting from the RIGHT is R2 and so on… is that what you got urth?

urth it finally did work in the end right?