Help on which of these 2 sticks should I get


Hi guys, I’m new to the forums and I’m sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
I did some search and want to get one of these 2 sticks:

Which one should I get? I have SSF4 AE, KOF13, Skullgirls and just got UMVC3.
I watch a lot of streams and championships but unfortunately still dont have a stick…

Thanks a lot!


Doesn’t really matter.

Just pick the cheapest. MadCatz are running an Evo promo at the moment so try looking up that.


Madcatz. Both are practically using the same high quality Sanwa-Denshi parts (Different cosmetically);however, the EVO 2012 sale that is going on right now makes the Mad Catz SCV for only $99.99 at the gamesharkstore (Madcatz) using the coupon code: EVO60. You can’t really beat the amount of money you’re saving for when the stick is worth a lot more.


At amazon both cost $100!


I saw that evo promo while watching the morning pool of AE…
I think I’m going for the Mad Catz.
Thank you guys!


You’ll find some people who are still anti-MadCatz because they remember when the company made cheap garbage in the 90s, but their stuff has really improved in the last few years. I have two of their Fightpads, an SE and a TvC stick.

Use the promo code and save the $60 from MadCatz’s Evo2012 sale, which I see you’re planning to do. Just a note: the stick is set-up for SCV so the button layout is a bit different, but you can change it around in the options of your game, or you can just swap the buttons yourself if you’re into opening your stick up.


I just saw the Hori on Amazon for $94.95… Honestly I don’t what to say. Go for whichever one appeals for you, they’re practically at the same price right now. Otherwise, I would purchase the Pro Stick for $99.99 or the V.S. for $139.99


Id recommend the Madcatz SOUL edition TE over the Hori. Personally, i think the build quality is sturdier than the hori and the way the TE looks is simply beautiful.


EVO Sale ends today so pick it up.


If youre budget isnt too strict, I would say get the VS fightstick if possible. Much sturdier and definately made for customizing. The SOUL TE layout is pretty weird if you are going to play multiple fighting games, unless you rewire it to default TE layout. Good luck with your search :slight_smile:


I’ve had the Hori SCV stick but didn’t like how the edges hurt my wrist after a while cuz I put the stick in my lap. Both sticks are $100 right now so I’d go with the Madcatz SCV or VS for $40 more.


The TE Soul has a nicer case, and looks better