Help! only /\ working after wiring ps1 ds pcb

I know there could be many factors as to why nothing is working other than my /\ button, but wanted to know if anyone could help me narrow it down to what it is. I put some pics up of what i did so far.

I’m thinking it might be wires lose from the socket on the solderless hack?

You’ve wired up as ground and ground as up…?

did i? i was using

for the diagram. Was talking to Paik since the colors were different and he said to just ignore the colors and use the positioning on the diagram.

That problem comes from wiring the ground as a direction… Try re-configuring it, that should sort your problem.

hmmmm i’m testing the buttons in windows game controllers right now and seems like it registers as UP when i press and hold [] ans /\ at the same time. i detached all the wires to directions and ground right now from the pcb to the strip barrier.

I am merely stating the obvious conclusion based on the symptoms. Overall your wiring looks good but there’s not enough detail in the photos to make any kind of diagnosis.

yea somethign si screwy with my wiring. Heres the deal after testing:

I hold down by [ ] button and the following happens:
while i press /\ registers as UP
while i press X registers as DOWN
while i press O registers as RIGHT

Whoops, for some reason I interpreted /\ as the direction UP! Anyway it now sounds like you’ve wired Ground to the wrong end of the Square button so that it only diasychains properly to the other inputs when the button is pressed. The very first thing you need to do is find out whichever wire is actually the ground…

I think i figured it out. Stupid me, the pcb i have isnt the same as as the one used on spiffyshoe’s picture. I think the ribbon socket might have a different layout compared to the pcb used by spiffyshoe’s solderless hack. Going to trace the green membrane to figure out what the layout should be for the ribbon socket. Thanks for the help everyone.


Yea so after tracing it seems like the ribbon socket is actually:

o_O Definately explains why my [] was acting like a Ground… So whats a good way of removing hotglue…

Do you have a multimeter? It is pointless to guess.

Put the multimeter on zummer (so it makes a noise when contact is made) and see if you can locate the problem. This is where glue is not so nice to have (when having problems on the pcb I mean).

You are right, the configuration is messed up ^_^.

yea i realized that and retraced it… now i need to unglue the hotglue… UGH