Help: Oro vs. Dudley

My friend has been killing me with this matchup. Some tips would be nice, thank you.

Tip #1: Pick Yagyou Dama. Dudley’s the biggest sucker for Oro’s unblockables in the game since a)he can be crossed up in the corner and b) his midscreen unblockable sequence requires very little room. Chicken combo (5 hits) XX Fierce Yagyou, dash once, jump, vertical double jump Roundhouse, repeat.

Tip #2: Whore standing Roundhouse and occasionally ducking Fierce. It beats a ton of Dudley’s stuff… just don’t be predictable.

Tip #3: Keep trying out new things and see what works best.

Sup guys.I think that yagyou is good against dudley but from my experience tengu is a lot better. I play victoly, one of the top dudleys, all the time and unblockables were good against him at first but then he found an easy way to reverse it with corkscrew blow. If you do the unblockable sequence like jinrai said, he just parries on wake up and then supers which will either cancel out yagyou or will hit you once which will knock you away and then take the rest of the hits of yagyou. if you try to trap him in the corner with yagyou, he can just do corkscew and it will cancel out the yagyou. or if you try the corner crossover, he can do the dash out of it if he knows the time.A few things that are good against dudley is either stay far away from him or be really aggressive. if your far away, just build bar and get tengu. if you are close, the best move to do is crouching mk. standing roundhouse is good, but if you whiff he can punish with standing roundhouse into ex machinegun. crounching fierce is good too but whiff is punishable again. basically anything oro throws out, dudley’s standing roundhouse owns it. only good thing to use against him are crounching moves. but the best is crouching mk. if parried its hard for him to punshing, only thing he can do is low mk sweep. at least i think because thats the only move I get hit with after unless I am dead blank in his face when parried. well try it out and hopefully it helps.

Damn, didn’t know about corkscrew killing yagyou. I always knew Rocket Uppercut worked for one hit, but blowing a corkscrew to get out is way more worth the meter lost.

I’ll pass that on to the local Dudleys so they don’t get too frustrated with being looped, heh.


i guess i’ll be using Corkscrew when i get to play you :lol:.


kal el:

I guess I’ll be using Tengu when I get to play you. Or at least after I try Yagyou and lose once. :pleased:

Thanks for the tips, I’ll give them a try.

parry then do a good combo or use :hk: or crouching :hp: also watch out for the jump in :hp: they will rip you part with the combos they do after it.

When I was learning unblockables, my friends in japan told me to do this vs Dudley

chicken combo x 2
s.strong (1 hit) -> fierce yagyou
walk back a bit
dash foward once
jump cross up foward kick

I am assuming this is to counter Dudley’s wake up escape? I don’t know since I was never told why and I have never played a Dudley that does the wake up escape, but I think this might be the reason. Correct me if I’m wrong, since Dudley’s escape is to parry the first hit and do super to hit Oro since in the basic set up there is a gap before Oro hits to make it unblockable, but in this set up it is immediately when he wakes up. Can anyone test this out?

I haven’t confirmed this 100% yet, but it looks like Dudley can just wakeup Corkscrew, without the parry, to escape. If that works, it’ll kill the crossup setup too. When my friend comes to town I’ll test it out.

Did any of you guys find out if Dudley can just wake up cork to escape the unblockables, or does he still have to parry the first one?

a lot of chars can escape from yagyou unblockeables…
i don’t know if dudley can
but i think necro can escape from this with a weak up ex flying viper…same shit for urien mid -screen unblockeables

alot of supers destroy yagou randomly. It really depends on the opponent though. Most of the Japanese vids i can think of where they play against dudley (Dirty and Aroha for example) they pick yagou and lose to corkscrew blow. But if dudley isnt safe, then who else besides hugo is Yagou a good pick for? maybe makoto or elena?. My preference is to use tengu vs biggies, twins, Chun, Ibuki, and shotos. and I dont know about Necro, i wonder if electro storm can beat yagou?

hahaha surewin, you’re not getting past my oro, unblockable for life! on the real though, i think it’s hard, if you throw out JUST a yagou then YES it can get stuffed by corkscrew but if in an unblockable sequence, i havn’t even seen japs get out of that shit

As far as I know Dudley will get eaten by the yagyou if he corkscrews and your unblock was correctly set up, meaning lp yagyou dash twice break with mk. Youll be in the air above him when he does it, youll be safe and he will get hit as per normal by the yagyou ball.

I personally feel yagyou is great against makoto necro dudley ken ryu alex and hugo, everyone else either has such low stamina that a tengu combo will eat them alive, or oro has better shit to do against them with tengu. For example the 3 100% stuns or tengu unblockables on urien. Finally the last group of tengu only chars are the ones that cant be easily setup for a yagyou, yun and yang, or those that I wouldnt worry enough about their strengths to want to use yagyou against them, Sean.

haha- thy. I knew that you were going to see this sooner or later. Playing your oro is fun though because I don’t really get to play good oro players.

Random fact - Oro can command grab Dudley out of wake-up sa3 =)

Never new that, but its way to risky anyhow.

not beat but if oro players is in air he need parry maybe 1/2(hit) and necro get hits but he is safe from unbloqueable stuffs (i think oro players can’t relaunch you if you make this)
ex flying viper is best
i think because necro …he get hit of yarou dama but in air oro players only can dashx2>s,strong(1hit) xx yarou dama and he need react this very fast … but damage is very low i think and you can escape from new set ups with a flying viper ex again

Welcome to srk! Next time we play, we’ll just test it out, cause I wanna know myself how to get out too.