Help out a kid with a shield and a dream. . . .

Hey guys I am a pretty good Captain America and I want to try and get my name out there. So if you guys have some spare time, please watch my videos and subscribe! It would really mean a lot to me! Thanks!

Tip #1: Get a real fucking job

WTF? Dude no. You have guaranteed i will never watch your videos.

I think I am going to get the record for the most amount of hate on one thread ever recorded on . . . .2nd only to the dark phoenix thread lol

You are doing it completley wrong, the right way to do it is “Watch my videos and subscribe to my channel, and like me on Facebook, Follow me on twitter and take care, Spike your hair.”

You can’t Woo Woo Woo like the pros homey, you get no watches from me.

ok lemme try this again. . . .

Oh, you’re the guy that got all butthurt because Keits didn’t put your initial Captain America video on the front page.

Get a job, you bum!

Keits also ignores almost all the Cross Counter video updates even when its shit like Combofiend vs Clockw0rk. Keits is filled with jealousy at Gooteck’s hustle.

Also on the whole “get a job” issue. . . . . . i’ve been trying but since I’m 16 years old with no job experience. . . .its not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Don’t flatter yourself…everyone is being nice to you so far.

sha-na-na-na-na, sha-na-na-na-na, get a job.

get your name out there the same way everyone else does - by winning tournaments. youtube subscribers and facebook likes don’t mean shit unless you want to be like dsp.

…i got a job at 16…

if you worried about work experience then do volunteering or something

I hear McDonalds is still hiring

DSP is a god among men. Stop hatin. :trollface:

Get yo ass to tournies if you want to be known.

Why is…
But why would you…
Why is this…
Goddamn what happened today?