Help out a noob!

Hey guys! Well, I have a friend who is really good at fighting games (at one point he was 8th in the world on the Tekken 6 leaderboards) who recently got me into the awesome world of fighting games. I’m currently trying to learn Ryu on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. What can I do to get better? And I would really appreciate if someone helped me get better. I’m on Xbox Live, gamertag is MoreTh4nLuck. Thanks for your help! - Ian.

Oh, and an update: I’m playing on a controller at the moment but I’ll be getting a proper fight stick after I get paid Friday. What are your recommendations for that?

My recommendation is to look at the appropriate “Character Sub-Forum” (
Check out the “Newbie Saikyo Dojo” ( and read all the “Stickies”.
You will be blessed with ultimate wisdom and all your questions will be solved with a likelihood of 99%.
If you still have questions after two weeks of reading and testing, you are welcome to post further questions.

P.S.: Sorry, couldn´t resist.