Help out a noob!

Hey guys! Well, I have a friend who is really good at fighting games (at one point he was 8th in the world on the Tekken 6 leaderboards) who recently got me into the awesome world of fighting games. I’m currently trying to learn Ryu on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. What can I do to get better? And I would really appreciate if someone helped me get better. I’m on Xbox Live, gamertag is MoreTh4nLuck. Thanks for your help! - Ian.

Please read the rules before asking questions. We really need a more specific question if you want us to help you.

Need help playing Ryu? Check the Ryu section.

Can’t land your combos? Check here:

Go play some matches. Tell us what kind of problems you’re having.

What can you do to get better? That’s a vague question, pretty much anything involving the game will help you get better. Watch videos, check the Ryu threads, play the game.

Read this extensively. It will help you understand those times that when you played someone and nothing you could do would hit them at all. It will then help you to apply that and start becoming that person who lands all the hits.

Learn his basic moves. Once you have the basics down then so many more things will fall into place. Learning basics, also help you learn timing and anti-air. Then eventually after that FADC will follow, along with combos and more precise timing for things like supers and even ultras. Hope this helps.