Help out a SSF4AE Noob?


Hi all! Relatively speaking (to you all on this site) I’m a total n00b when it comes to SSFIVAE. I will be playing it on PS3 in about 20-30 minutes and I was wondering if anyone wanted to add me and show me a things or two. My favorites are Honda, Blanka, Zangief, but I am also open to trying new characters. I tend to like charge characters over combo-heavy characters because my execution isn’t that great at this point. I have a mic and will be using it and anyone that adds me needs to have one as well so we can actually communicate in real time.

I look forward to some great battles and instruction!

Hell, just in case no one is down to teach me a few things, if you’d like to just have some battles and chat, I’m down for that as well.

Again, just add Chaos242 on PSN and I’ll see you on in just a bit!


You can post up your information in the matchmaking thread.:


Zangief? Stab the 3 buttons, and spin the stick manically, and you’ll rake in the ‘Player Points’ :3p: :360: :woot:

…Sakura Lover? o_O


The best advice I can give a rookie on this game is to learn ur fundamentals more than anything. Learn to not jump recklessly. Learn how to approach ur opponent in a smart manner. Learn ur characters best ideal ranges. Learn to defend yourself.

Afterwards focus on learning combos but don’t obssess in doing flashy and complicated stuff. Just what works at least while u get acquainted with ur character. And please refer to your character’s forums for advice. And dont forget to actually using training mode. :slight_smile: Good luck.


Please use the matchmaking sections for matchmaking.

If you have specific questions to ask, post them up here.