Help Out Canopy Kingdom!

Hi there.

Yes this a plug, but I need your help.

I run

Happy little newsblog thingy for Skullgirls.

I haven’t updated very often lately due to work but I want to ask you guys, the community at large (small) to help.

If you have ANY Skullgirls-centric news / material / media, could you email me at, or even just PM me here. I’m going to branch it out more and start including monthly SG calendars, fanart, cosplay, and match vids of course.

So please spread the word and let people know that if you’ve got anything to throw it may way!


Wow dude, this newsblog is pretty sick! Totally bookmarked it. I’ll be sure to throw anything at you if I ever get something worth noting :smiley:

Also, I plan on doing a Online Warrior type video series where I not only just show gameplay with me commentating over it, but also talking about news and events going on in the SkullGirls community. I could totally plug your blog in my videos if you don’t mind!

Btw, 600th post.

Hmm I would go on Twitter, you can get some good news from there. Specially when we run salty cupcakes me and a few others tweet any new news. You can follow @nekro_surge @megamands

Skullgirls will be at UFGT8 and CEO2013. Might wanna put that on some calendars.

Can we get a list of players going to CEO?

Any news from FR?

Already on it, thanks for the heads up!