Help: pelican xb360 pad wired to stick. not working on PC

ok, i got a pelican xb360 wired pad wired up to my stick. the stick works perfect on 360. i can play hf(online sucks tho hehe) and umk3 (kicks ass online) with no problems. but when i try to use the stick on my pc, i get problems.

when i plug it into my pc, winXP recognizes the pcb just fine. everything installs fine. i go to control panel>game controllers amd check to make sure everything registers properly. all the buttons work great, the stick (well dpad if you are gonna refer to the pelican pad itself) responds under the z-axis instead of the dpad window(the crosshair window where you calibrate). so basically, emulators and such are completely out of the question. i tried xbcd drivers but they didnt seem to work. and i went to their website and apparently they had drivers for 360 pads but only for the official pad and i guess pelican was “coming soon.”

i know the simple answer is “well then, wait for the pelican drivers.” But i want to know if anyone has had any success? and if so, what should i do?

little bit of info also: only my dpad, start, guide button, a,b,x,y, LB, and RB buttons are wired to the stick. i didnt wire the trigger buttons since i deemed em worthless for stick use since they are analog.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Dunno about the PC drivers, you might ask Dream Theater, isn’t he working for Pelican or something?

If you don’t mind Sabre, a question, when you wired the Pelican pad, did you solder directly to the contact points on the face of the PCB or did you have to scrape that silver flashy stuff off the top? I was all set to use one of the Pelicans but turned out the cord was bad. MS controllers are bitch to solder with the D-Pad contacts, had to redo it a few times already.

Would Joy2Key help at all?

jtk or control mk makes it detect the stick axis.

so just use joy 2 key or control mk just for the dpad? does it just emulate keyboard?

alphazero: soldered directly on. i didnt do it myself, cigarbob did it for me. even so, the buttons are really easy t osolder. just sucks that there isnt a common ground so its a lot of wires hehe