HELP people!(concerns GGXX)

Ok people I need help on one thing in Guilty Gear X2 i play with Baiken, Sol, and Testament. My friend uses Anji everytime he knocks me down he goes into the butterfly trap. And when i get up i have no choice but to block it does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Instant Block that butterfly… then do stuff.

“stuff” being situational…

Ways to “get out” of the butterfly trap.

  1. Dead Angle as he’s doing the transitional pressure string into low hit (2D).

  2. Faultless Defense to push him away as he’s doing a pressure string. Won’t work too well if he sets up the butterfly trap from On, though.

  3. As Cuervo suggested, Instant Block. Then possibly instant air backdash away.

  4. Reversal backdash, then do whatever…possibly block again. By this point, you’ve already messed up the butterfly trap.

  5. Reversal special (i.e. Sol’s reversal Volcanic Viper) or reversal super

if ur testament jus do his HCB +k the reversal, u’ll ppop behind him and poision him

Baiken jus do any of her counters right when the butterfly hits u, u have time.

Sol jus do HS upper cut, u’ll hit him trust him

What you do to get out of the butterfly trap varies based on what you’re opponent is doing or what you think he’s gonna do.
If he does it right and the first butterfly is a meaty attack, you’re only options are to block, instant block, FD, punch through it with an invincible reversal, or get hit, and, of course, DAA or burst. If you normal block, he’ll do an unblockable, if you get hit, he’ll reset the trap. FDing will allow you to escape if the trap setup wasn’t very good or if you’re opponent doesn’t know how to compensate for the extra pushback. FDing will not usually work against an experienced Anji, though, so watch out.
The two best ways out are not without their risks. Reversal uppercuts and Baiken counters can be baited, of course. Also, Testament’s counter WILL NOT work. If the butterfly is a meaty attack, it will hit you when you start the move. The counter is not instant or invincible. I don’t know about reversal backdash. I’m pretty sure they have at least one frame of startup before they’re invincible, so if the butterfly is meaty, you probably can’t backdash either. Still, an invincible reversal is one of your best options.
The most common way is to instant block the butterfly. When you do this you get out of blockstun before Anji can get to you so you can do one of the following: IAD back, backdash, attack, throw, invincible move…
If you’re opponent expects your jump, he can air throw you… but IADing back is still one of the more preferred methods of escape. Backdashing might get you into trouble, I don’t really know… You can try to attack Anji, preferrably with a low hit so as to avoid the biggest autoguard threat. You can throw him, it he’s trying to dash in and throw or something. Really, what you’re going to do is based on what you think he’s going to do

kind of sad when you have to ask the experts on how to beat me.
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Shut up fool I still beat you down with everyone even if I can’t counter your butterfly trap. Next time we play you will not have a CHANCE MUHAHAHAHA

11-5 numbers don’t lie face the facts and give up baiken is your only chance ands thats only cause she’s his worst matchup and either way it goes its only cause you hit one dust loop in a desperate attempt to kill me berfore i start something else up, making you look even worse than you already do, plus those matches with her always come down to one hit. I swear i have a harder time fighting in level one survival mode than fighting you.

Tesatment-easily dealt wit
Slayer-childs play
Baiken- Damn That bitch damn her to hell!!

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whatever last time i checked which was a couple of days ago i beat you 9-7, with Baiken, Testament, and Slayer.

Slayer-Bite your ass to death.

Testament-Mixed your punk ass up to death.

Baiken-Lets not even mention how many times i run in poke IAD back with Tatami mat and hit you. WHICH IS SO EASY to avoid. WOW ANJI THROW BUTTERFLYS!!! and GET COUNTERD FOOL!!! just get over it ANJI’S LOW TIER AND SHOULD NEVER BE PLAYED AGAIN!!! HE’S HORRIBLE JUST STOP TRYING!!

Lets leave the past alone and focus on the present. cause when you say a couple of days ago you mean last month. last i check anjis been dancing circles around your candy ass characters for a while and lets not bring up johnny cause that was some horrible shit.

Can you say mist finer and ensegna

Can you say fujin or better yet knock down into a butter fly trap which equals death

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yeah it is horrible whats going on with you Playing with JOhnny. This is what you think of all the time HEY!! at the beggining of the match why not throw out s.S everytime so I can back DASH!!! And wow lets not mention hey let me jump in and try to throw without doing a move with IM GOING TO GET ANTI AIRED!!! wait how about I do a level three mist finer with out comboing into it so IT CAN BE BLOCKED!!! wait no THERES MORE!!! lets throw out random Johnny supers so they CAN BE BLOCKED!!! Only thing Anji has been dancing around is the mats and horribly failing to dodge them. Oh what happens everytime you get knocked to the ground when i have testament thats right you never end up getting able to play again because you suck. YOU CAN’T guard my ultimate mix up strategy BECAUSE YOUR AN IDIOT!!! Stop playing for the good of all Anji players out there you make him look gayer then what he already is.

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yeah tomorrow after i get off work your going to pay for your mistakes!

And todays results are

14-9 ha you suck, talking all that shit and you can’t even back it up, slayer is top tier and he got beat like a beat red headed step child(baiken) and oh damn testament didn’t win one match ( that why he will never be top tier) and poor baiken maybe sol went a littlie to far when he layed the smackdown one her visually impared ass, stupid handicaped hoe, just stick with her shes your best chance(and that ain’t much), cause every one else you play wth you make you them look bad. What this proves is tiers don’t matter its skill which is obviously something you don’t have

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(by the way the only mistake i made was letting you think you could beat me.)

all i know is that i’d beat bother of u with my Potemkin.
No joke, Chaotic Blue, ID, Combo Fiend all say mine is good. All i’d have to do is land one grab or knock down an ur asses would be mine

Probally but not before i get in at least one dust loop in on Potemkin. I never played against a Potemkin before though so you might win. BUT I DOUBT IT!!!

just playin.


I would probably lose one match or two before i caught on to your game plan after that you ass is mine. I mean if you play with potemkin then thumbs up toi you cause you have to be pretty damn good. With anji of course

If your potemp is better than Jamarvelous’ from NE then I’d be impressed. Believe me when I know what a killer Pot is like.

is it that bad