Help !-pics/mes' of Viewlix/Astrocity cp's


Hey peeps, info wanted
In short, I’m after-

Pictures of Viewlix CP with measurements (arcade)
Pictures of Astro City CP with Measurements (arcade or Saturn version)
Pictures of Linberg CP with Measurements
Any little bit of info will be appreciated. Even if you only have the mesurements or images. I’d be thankful. I’m sure I’m not the only who’ll use this info.

In long-

I was hoping someone would be able to provide help finding images & measurements of a Viewlix control panel, from the top , side - everywhere etc.

Basically I’m after this info, because I want to use the casing design for a guide for my own stick.

If anyone has a image or the measurements of the the control panel, I’d appreciate it if you would post or PM me. Obviously Height, Width, Length is what I’m after but if you have any info I’d apprecite it or If you know where I can find the info/ or any of the info I’d be forever in your debt.

Also I’m after the same for the Astro city control panel like this

As you can see I have the top image, but need the measurements. So again, if someone has the measurements of this control panel I’d be so thankful and happy.

Yes I’ve looked on Google - for hours, many times. So I’m hoping you guys here have a the images and/or any of the measurements I’m after. I’d be so thankful.

Also the same info of the cabinets could be helpful, I suppose not only to me.

Really thanks if you can help
Endoe. :wonder:


Here’s a thread with pictures of most if not all panels for various japanese cabs. I don’t think it has measurements though. You can also go to They have a wealth of info for candy cabs and panels.


thankyou mate.
Any help is really really appreciated and will be remembered.

Also I forgot to mention Lindberg CP pics and measurements
like I said in the OP, all help is greatly appreciated.