Help playing PS2 game on PS3 with Fightstick


I tried to play KOFXI on my PS3 and use my Madcatz Fightstick, but I couldn’t seem to get it to recognize it as a controller.

Is this possible to do?


I don’t want to be a snob, but there’s something you’re going to learn about the Mad Catz joysticks today;

Repeat after me –

Mad Catz joysticks are NOT compatible with PS2 games, period. Their PCB’s do NOT have the proprietary Sony programming to recognize PS2 games played on backwards-compatible PS3’s!

I checked your profile and see you just joined. You didn’t know that piece of information. Most of us didn’t until a few weeks after Mad Catz released its SE and TE lines of joysticks. The situation with their PCB’s stinks but they claim Sony never gave them the code for the PS2 games.

Hori joysticks – any of them – do have the PS2 code and can play PS2 games on backwards-compatible PS3’s.

I will say I honestly think most of us are better off keeping our PS2’s since the backwards-compatible PS3’s don’t work as well in general as the PS2 for these games. And honestly, later generation PS3’s are better because they’re less prone to heat problems that can eventually destroy Gen 1 PS3’s and also they have lower electrical power requirements.

The Mad Catz sticks are otherwise but are strictly PS3, PC, or XBox 360-only joysticks unless you mod them with a Multi-Console PCB like the MC Cthulu…

The reason why an MC Cthulu can work with PS2 games is because it’s reverse-engineered from Hori PCB’s. The guy who designed that PCB is a very clever fellow and it just gets more and more versatile and compatible with more systems because it’s firmware upgradeable unlike most controller’s PCB’s.


Any backwards compatible game on 360 however such as Anniversary or 3S etc
Does work so people don’t get confused.


PS3 TE PCB does not play PS2 games. You would have to get a different PCB, such as a Cthulhu or ChImp. ChImp is nice if you ever want to do a dual mod later.

But most people prefer just to play PS2 games on a PS2, due to the lag of PS3 when playing PS2 games. You could put an MC Cthulhu in your stick to have it both PS3 and PS2 native, and will also play PS2 games on PS3. But I don’t know if you want to go through all of that.


How much delay frames are there for the hardware and software emulations or are they similar?


Hardware should be better than software emulation but problems have been reported on all backwards-compatible PS3’s.

You’re much better off keeping a PS2 to play PS2 games, period.

I personally don’t think we’ll have full-PS2 compatibility on either the PS3 or PS4. Both MS and Sony have used backwards compatibility as a carrot to draw in reluctant gamers for expensive system upgrades. (Wanna bet the next generation won’t be much cheaper?) Backwards compatibility on this generation (outside of the GameCube 2.0 aka Wii) has been buggy at best and Sony is on course to port more of the popular PS2 games to PS3-native. PS3 collections have been released for the first two God of War games, the Sly Cooper trilogy, Prince of Persia trilogy (disc in Europe only; downloads in the US), and there’s always the possibility of a Ratchet and Clank Hi-Def port. We’ve only seen a smattering of fighting game hi-def revamps like Super Street Fighter II Turbo; a bunch of other PSN downloads for other SF games have been PS1 dumps.

It’s on the original publisher’s plate to decide whether they’ll do disc-based or (more likely) downloadable remixed versions of their most-popular games, or just sit on them and do generic arcade compilations like Street Fighter Alpha Anthology and the SNK Neo Geo Fighters. The theme here is that most of the classics are still only on PS2 and will run 100% effectively only on the PS2 hardware, not a PS3… I’ve got Japanese discs like Darkstalkers Collection that WILL NOT play on an American PS3. It works fine on my modded American PS2 but nobody’s bothering with getting Japanese PS2 games to work on the PS3’s outside of Japanese. We’re living in a Blu ray era for Sony systems’ gamewise, now.

Hopefully, there’s still a big enough audience to encourage both Capcom and SNK-Playmore to release revamped versions of classics or compilations in the near-future. The problem is that they pretty much shot their entire wad (outside of licensed Marvel fighters) on the disc collections for the PS2. Get the PS2 collections while you can… I think there’s little chance until the next generation of systems that a lot of these games will be re-released on home consoles! The original XBox didn’t get a lot of these games because it was a failure in Asia and at the time developers could live on the PS2 only since it was by far the most dominant of its generation. (That, of course, is no longer the case for EITHER the PS3 or XBox 360. Developers are stupid not to develop for both systems. The Wii is pretty much third-place unless they’re doing downgraded ports of popular film franchise videogames.) Even then it was a slight miracle SNK-Playmore did localization for American PS2 releases of their compilation discs. Capcom brought over only Street Fighter Alpha anthology outside of half-assed (outsourced developer) remixes of the SF2 series and SF1 on the Capcom Classics volumes. ( <== Got one of those discs to try out SSF2T and it was AWFUL. Among the worst home ports I’ve played! Did NOT feel like the arcade.) One of their best fighting game series’ collections, Darkstalkers, never even made it off the Japanese PS2!

And guys, telling the original poster about the 360 versions of games doesn’t help. He wants to play PS2 games on a PS3!


I wasn’t telling him about the versions, I was clarifying that you wont have that same PCB issue with the 360. How can i help him if you’ve already mentioned everything? That makes no sense.


Similar, about 3 frames. Doesn’t matter if it’s hardware or software emulation, it’ll still lag.