Help please (hey i asked nicely)


Ok so about only a month ago I got a Hori ex2 as a gift and I got hooked love playing with arcade sticks now its made me such a better player but alas today i wanted to play and of course the blue button wont work I opened it up and It seems to not be reading or something sooo I was like damn lol and upon doing some research i noticed one of the only real ways to fix it would be to mod it with different buttons…great ok well then I guess my cousin could help since hes kinda good with solderinfg n stuff and i did find a guide for the hori ex2 but should I bother? because I dont want to go thru all that and then It doesent work so my plan b was to buy the hori real arcade pro (the black one with more buttons) or to get the Mad catz TE stick? or plan c Mod the the first one and buy one of the other ones?


It would be worth modding the EX2 as I’ve heard stock parts are quite bad. HOWEVER, it may be the board that is having problems and not the stock button. Maybe you get your cousin to solder the wires from the blue button to another and see if that button works. If it does, then the stock blue button is faulty and simply replacing it should fix the problem. A set of 6 Sanwa’s shouldnt set you back much. Thats the option that isnt as hard on your wallet.

If I was going to be honest though I would either buy a SE and mod it all out (All new Buttons and Joystick) or just buy a TE. If your not comfortable with modding go for the TE however both the SE and TE are very easy to mod if your just swapping out buttons and joysticks.



yea IM prolly gonna just wait till I get paid and buy both a TE and an SE and mod the SE up so that way I can have two laying around and the TE is too big to be taking with me places lol thanks for the advice man guess Ill just leave the hori alone then lol unless someone tells me otherwise


Damn, thats an expensive solution!!! :wasted:
I have a whole bunch of hori buttons left over from mods. I could send you acouple if you pay shipping. Just so you can have that ex2 in working order as a back back up. lol


Your plan sounds really good to me. I’ve modded two hori EX2and it’s not so bad if you know what you are doing, but it is a lot of work and there is potential as a first timer to screw it all up.


Yeah, its not too bad to mod the ex2. But especially with the EX2, i recommend you put in a different 360 pcb too. THose things go out so often, its crazy. Plus it will be common ground, so no cutting traces on the JLF’s pcb.

Heres a pic of one with a diff pcb in it. it had already been modded before the pcb fried. So i had to solder straight to the switches, thats why there isnt a harness used


you should have your cousin try to resolder the button in question. A friend had a hori stick that had a button with a cold solder so it stopped responding and it worked fine after I resoldered it. make sure your cousin takes off the solder that’s on there now and applies a fresh coat. if that doesn’t work then I would swap it with a button on the hori that you don’t use (horis have 8 and you only need 6). and if that doesn’t work then it’s your pcb.



Man I wish I’d come to this site before lol the people are very helpful well I think imma still do the whole TE and SE plan stated before but it cant help to mess around with the hori and hopefully get it working again…quick qquestion tho are buy buttons, sticks, and pcbs gonna set me back even more then I thought I havent really found a site for them or anyone willing to fix it since Idk what im doing lol


For Pushbuttons and Joysticks head over to Lizardlick, the Aki Store, (EUR), modchipman or Gremin Solutions (UK). Theres a sticky in this forum if you go back a page called Online Parts Supplier Status, that has a good few links to reputable stores.

Unfortunately you cant buy a 360 PCB from stores as Microsoft are a bit funny about third party devices and I dont know of anybody getting around the problem, hence people buying controllers and taking the PCB’s out of them. If you dont want to do any soldering, head over to the Trading Outlet and enquire about buying one pre soldered with quick disconnects. The only online store I can think of that would sell you a 360 PCB is . They do all of the soldering work for you and ship you the PCB ready to basically mount in a case and connect to the buttons, although you would still need your cousins help for finishing off the wiring or soldering for the joystick.


@IronFang000 Please do not start topics for this. There is a thread stickied for questions like this!

Usually I don’t mind, but recently there have just been too many and the “good topics” get pushed off the page. Thanks DJBailey, AJ, and Monte for stepping in and helping out.

#11 has everything you would need and you will get it in a few days instead of weeks. And for your ex2 you can have aj do all the work for you he has a thread in the trading outlet. Also if you don’t like the te size buy a se and and all the parts will still come out cheaper or you can buy 1 upgraded for around $120 on here or eBay all sanwa alot of the time. Any good luck on your choices:)