Help Please - Hori fighting Stick 3 PS3


My cat little bastard he is decided to chew through the lead of my fighting stick 3. I dont wanna fork out to replace it so i was going to try and fix it myself ghetto style.

I really dont know much about electronics even though i did a GNVQ in it, but that was about 8 years ago, so laymans terms please.

The main situation im looking at here i beleive is i could chocolate block the lead i.e cut away the chewed up ends expose the wire then get them connected together with a chocolate block then seal it with electrical tape - shouldnt be that hard.

However is it going to be that simple or due to the many buttons, the stick and the various inputs coming through the stick and down the wire will i need to rewire every strand correctly - in other words this problems runs far deeper and i should just bite the bullet and replace it?

If this is the case anyone wanna buy a cat for 60? choice of two colours jet black 16 months old (pumpkin) or tabby 7 months old (Zues).

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

The easiest way to fix it is to…

  1. cut off the chewed up section
  2. strip the large outer cord on both ends
  3. strip the small, individual wires
  4. splice/twist or solder matching wires together
  5. wrap individual wires in electrical tape
  6. wrap everything up as a whole in electrical tape
  7. go back to gaming :tup:

it doesnt matter how many buttons there are, if its just the connector cord, then its only 4 leads, and it follows USB specification. No need for choco box, re-strip the exposed wire and reconnect with solder, wrap. done. just 4 wires.

With resoldered wires, the connection is weaker than original, so a tug might rip them apart when before it wouldn’t. Especially if one small wire is soldered slightly more shorter than the other, it would take the enitre load of a tug and rip off. Also all the twisting isn’t good.

Wrap it in a way so a tug isn’t pulling on the soldered wires (wire ties optional). It will look ugly but it will save re-work.

Cheers for the good advice guys also the prompt reply, i reckon im capable of doing this.
Lol, Tingboy your Avatar is exactly what my cat looked like when i caught him!