Help please. I've Sent Markman a PM but.. - Purchasing a 2nd TE stick - Toronto, ON

Help please, if you can.
I’m looking to purchase a 2nd TE stick so I have 2, for when friends come around instead of sticking them with a Pad lolol.

EB Games (Game stop) here has sold out of them and does not sell them any more, which is a real piss off… I’ve sent markman a PM asking for help on this as to finding out a vendor that does sell them, (I really wouldn’t mind getting hold of one of them new Chun-li limited edition ones lol)

But anybody in the GTA know any Video Game stores that might sell these??

I just got a TE-S edition stick from amazon for 135.00 after shipping.

re: markman - I’ve noticed that I originally sent him a visitor message instead of an actual PM. I’ve now sent him a PM.

Exhit - you live in Toronto? and or and was the price in USD or CAD?? and how comfortable are you with ordering from Amazon?

I’m sorry I ordered from the states and Amazon is the most reliable website and one of the ONLY websites i shop at. The price was in USD. But I ordered my fightstick thursday and received it today (monday) and its SOOOO much better than my old Hori Ex3 for 360.

Finding sticks in Canada is pretty hard in general… has the PS3 Round 2 TE in stock for $169.99 and the Hori VLX for $299.99… Other than that, try finding it used on craiglist or kijiji, or just build one :slight_smile:

Order a Paewang from Laugh or something from PlayAsia (do they ship to Canada?)

Also, side note… try not to call out MarkMan on the forums, he’s a great guy and tries to help people, but call out the company, not him.

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You’re looking at at least $160 for a TE in Canada. Amazon or Tiger Direct is your best bet. I wouldn’t get it from Tech Depot, it took them a month to even ship my TE S