Help PLEASE! SFIV TE Fightstick USB problem


This happened to me a while ago, but I’ve never really wanted to come around to fix it until now. Mostly because I’ve had another fightstick to use. But I miss it. And want to make it alive again.

The fightstick has been being used by just me for months. Almost a year I’m guessing. (It’s been a while since I’ve last touched it) But, the last time I used it, it stopped functioning and my PS3 kept giving me messages that read:

“USB has too much power, please remove one or more, bla blab bla”

Since that day I haven’t tried to plug it back in scared that it might mess up my PS3.
Any ideas as to what I can do to fix it?


Does the cable have any sharp bends in it or has it been damaged in some way? Sounds like the USB 5v line may be shorted to ground either in the cable or inside the controller.


Try opening it up and see if the cable was yanked at all. It’s possible that the cable is frayed. on an SE stick i got, the USB cable wires were half hanging off from factory.

If so, take it to an electronics store for repair or give your try at fixing it.


Well the cable’s got the bends from me putting it back into its compartment properly. It’s got that zig zaggy shape when I take it out because I don’t like wrapping the cable around the fightstick. Hmm… I think it’s shorted out too, but I’ve got no idea how to fix it up or even how to look at it to know what’s wrong with it.


Do you mean opening up the entire thing? Mind you, I used it for months before this happened and I’ve never yanked it out. And this is a TE stick so it might be different? I’m not sure. But I checked the USB compartment and nothing seems loose at all.


I forgot to mention that the time it happened. It smelt like burnt plastic and such. I think I also remember seeing a bit of smoke come out of the USB compartment as well…

Any thoughts?


I’m pointing out that the USB cable wasn’t properly attached. TE or SE, it’s just bad luck. If it’s just the cable, we do USB repairs for $25. If it’s fried then the PCB needs replacement too.


Smoke usually isn’t a good sign, does the PS3 even detect it anymore? There’s a good chance the PCB is fried.


if the pcb is indeed burning i can only say that your screwed and will need to find a replacement.


I can tell you right now that the problem isn’t going to be seen or fixed in the cord compartment. You’re going to have to open the stick up, remove the section with the Home button and LEDs, unscrew and remove the pcb from that plastic on top of it and take GOOD (macro ‘flower’ mode) pictures of both sides of the board. Then we might be able to tell you how to fix it or if its kaput.


Thanks for the all the help guys! I’m planning to open it up really soon. And I will take some Macro pics to help you guys with some advice!


Here are some photos:


EC1 let out the holy smoke. Needs removed or replaced. If you can get a good picture of a working (or at least not cooked) one, a replacement part should be easy to find and only cost like $2 with shipping from digikey. After that, find someone handy with a soldering iron able to do surface mount repair and it should be easy. Any TV repair shop should be able to do it quickly.

I should mention that whatever cooked EC1 could easily have also cooked the main chip, killing the board beyond repair. You should keep an eye out for a cheap PS3 model SE stick. It’s pretty easy replace a TE pcb with one yanked from an SE stick. Keep the plastic that went over that board; the same plastic on SE’s is white, and you dont want to clash.


Thanks! Me my friend are actually doing that right now! Replacing the PCB with another from my SE stick!


Thanks! Me my friend are actually doing that right now! Replacing the PCB with another from my SE stick!