Help please, TE2 for xbone to ps3


I did some searching, but what exactly do I need to get my xbone te2 to be compatible on my PS3?

Thanks guys


TE2 pcb’s can’t be dual modded, so you’re going to have to either sacrifice Xbox One functionality or dual mod an official Xbone control pad pcb to any common ground PS3 pcb.

It’s a lot of work & money, especially if you’ve never modded before.


Haha soooo anyone know a cheap ps3 stick haha… This is what I figured but I wanted to ask the experts thanks bud


Trading post here is your best bet. Barring that, buying a Brawlstick and upgrading its parts is likely the cheapest route if you want high quality.


thanks guys I really appreciate it.

You can close this up now mods.


That only rarely happens here. Every thread is a learning tool for current and future members and lurkers.


That works haha as you can tell I’m a major lurker… 10 posts in 11 months