Help Please! Ultimarc Ps2 to jamma adaptor too dark!

Aight guys, i need help with this thing, i got an Egret II candy cab, and i wanted to play my ps2/3 games in it, i bought one of those Ultimarc j pac, and ps2 adapter. I installed everything ok, the picture looks perfect, but its to dark, the bighness and contrast are all the way up and the images still look dark, so, is there any way to work around it? any way to fix this problem? any help would be appreciated, thanks.

P.S. somebody told me that the ps2 to Jpac jamma adapter needs a (resistor??) i have no idea what that guy was talking about, but if you are a tech guy that knows about that and can make a PS2 to Jpac Jamma adapter (with resistor), send me a PM, to see if we can work something out, thanks.

i have the same problem. from what i understand, you have to solder either a resistor or a capacitor (not sure which or what values) on each of the r, g, and b lines. i’d love to see a detailed explanation as well.

I was about to link you to the tech support forum until I saw your thread there. Try posting/moving it to the arcade section of the site, may help.

yeah, i already post it on, but if i post it to the arcade section they will automaticly tell me to move it to the tech forum, you know how it goes.

I know exactly what you mean, that place makes SRK look like a nice friendly neighborhood. But as soon as I read your response you had a couple of responses over there. What model exactly is it you have? I’ve used an xbox -> jamma before though I can’t remember if it was Ultimarc or not. I didn’t have any issues except for color washout at times.

the xbox and DC adaptor work fine (some people say), the only one with problems is the psx/ps2 adapter, because of the lack of resistor or capacitor, but i have no idea what that means, and i have the ps2/3 to jpac jamma, i really dont want to start desoldering and soldering stuff because im not very good at it, and i dont want to ruin the adaptor, but if there is anyone that can, or know how to do it im willing to pay for the service, and shipping.