help please

okay i know none of yall want to hear about another mk~hands thread, but i read the link in the stickied thread " how to mk hands 101 " or whatever its called, and it didnt help. im trying to do the method that Jibbo shows in his tutorial vid on youtube. if you havent seen it, he basically says to link the mk hands off of a basically he says the input is this:

mp, hp mp lp piano’ed while the mp is in its animation, then lp+mk, then hp.

if i do it like that, the hands always cancel out the mk and it just ends up being mp xx hands. dont ask me why, i have no clue. im inputting it EXACTLY as he says. i can do mp, piano hp mp lp, mk and it will link, but like i said, for some reason if i do lp+mk instead, it cancels the mk into hands without the mk even coming out.

im sure its my timing, i just cant get the damn thing to work. any advice at all ? btw im completely new to Gen, as if you couldnt tell lol

thanks in advance guys, and im sorry if this post about mk hands has pissed you off =/

Actually, I would like some clarification too. I mean I’ve always done mk hands as.

Mk- lp mp hp lp hp

What does the MP in the above post do ??


It’s definately a timing issue, if the mk doesn’t come out you’re doing it too fast, do it slightly slower. The mp basically makes it easier because it gives you more time to input mk hands afterwards due to the blockstun time the puts them in. It’'s also way easier and safer to use in a combo afaik.

if the how to mk 101 thread didnt help and u still got a question… just post it in there? why create another topic?

doesnt make any sense.

I will do a video on my webcam showing how to do both.

oh also the jibbo technique is different in SUper than it is in Vanilla.

Vanilla is - s.MP (HP, MP, LP) LP~MK, HP - Here you need to piano three then press Punches two more times. LP counts as one when you plink it with MK, then all you have to press is HP to trigger hands.

Super is - s.MP (MP, LP) LP~MK, HP - But here, you only need to piano two and same rules apply with LP and HP. Depending on what Hands you want to use just press LP, MP or HP, But HP is the best

Okay I recreated the video, don’t hate the horrible production value. They aren’t all recorded at the same time. And I didn’t feel like syncing them all. It’s just to show the technique and timing.


sexy shirt :smiley:

sanks I have a blue one too.

Pfftt piano-ers. Slide with a glove for teh win.

pfft Slide with a glove… Slide without a glove FTW. I don’t use a glove and get my slides of 100% of the time.

wow messiah, doing it the way you said, (taking out the hp from the piano) has brought my accuracy to 95%. thank you so much

awesome man, I’m glad to hear it helped you. Let me know personally if you have any problems I can always do the same thing to show what and how to do things. Glad I could help.

lol i love the slide method with gen never use a glove tho, although im trying to learn how to pinao with honda because his slide method with jab is stupid.

Erm… I’m still doing it exactly as before, but a little faster and it works 100% of the time.
I’m still doing mp hp~lp hp mk hp. I worked it into me doing it so damn much in vanilla I couldn’t change, and thankfully it works fine.

Gotta buy me a shirt like Tha Massiah to do my vid tho.

Omg that glove comment was ridiculously lame sorry ahahah

Slide for pokes
Piano for combos :]

Vanilla I used (buffer hp, mp, lp) > hp :]
Use the same thing in Super