help please

i’m new to sakura and i see top sakura player like uryo use air tatsu alot why use it? what version should i use? and is it a good move to throw out there? thanks

It changes the arc of your jump and therefor throws off people’s anti air timing. People use it as a cheeseball way to get in for free. It has pretty good hit boxes and is positive on block. Some people use neutral jump air tatsu on knockdown to bait a dp and make it whiff.

Sometimes I use it when I know that if I don’t, I’ll run into someone’s cheesy setup or a fireball. It makes Sakura float, and thus, helps her avoid a lot of crap. It’s insanely useful.

I use air tatsu cuz its gdlk but dont over use it people can focus you for free mix it with empty jumps…

Thanks u guys what version should i use if i use it

hk is going to change the arc of your jump more but is easier to react to. basically, at any given range you can use any strength, but the lighter the strength the lower to the ground you have to do it for it to connect. lk might actually make you fall quicker (not sure) whereas hk will make your jump a lot floatier.

I usually use hk version of the air tatsu.

Vs projectiles, it’s pretty good to close the gap, in a certain range, the air tatsu can make DP whiff for a punish.

It can also screw up people’s AA timings and scoring you a free knockdown/corner push.

As mentioned, it’s + on block and it’s a good start to pressure your opponent with throws, frame traps, tech trap with ex shouken, etc.

Obviously, don’t abuse it