Hello everyone…

I’ve been playing Cap vs snk 2 since a year now on the ps2 ONLY. I started college this year and i founded a damn cool arcade right beside my school. they have the best shit…stuff like cap vs snk2, marvel vs cap 2, st alpha 3…etc… But the players who always plays are damn good. good like you guys here on…well im not sure but they’re damn good.

Im able to finish cap vs snk at level 10 difficulty on the ps2…so im alright but when i arrived at the arcades…well i get my ass kicked all the time.

here’s my question : what are 3 characters i could use to give me a little chance to beat these guys…and which groove? my old team on ps2 was cammy-sakura-rock or ken at c-groove. But i want to evolve in some crazy stuff in the a-groove…with hibiki or blanka or bison. and what’s the best for me to practice at home to be better with the joystick and the arcade controls because i fuck myself alot when i play at the arcades since im not used to the keys and everything…

and if anyone could give me some help with some combos in a-groove it would be cool…

thx !

who do u want to use in A? go there for A groove stuff. Has written combos with explainations, and vids that will probably impress you.

The only way you are going to get better is to play against people better than you, hence going to the arcade. Losing is not a bad thing, EVERYONE who has played street fighter has started losing. Every loss is a learning experience. You should learn what you did that got you killed, and find out what works. Basically I think your main problem is probably with learning how to poke and approach your opponent. Worry about combos later.

and dont try a-groove all of a sudden, try k-groove or something, i always use k-groove, coz then when ur opponent hits u, it actually help :stuck_out_tongue: and u dont have to think about rolling, or building meter, u just do ur thing, if u turn red, do ur thing+super


i enjoy hibiki alot and blanka…but I dont know for a 3rd character who i should use…

Re: Re: HELP…please…

Cammy, Bison, Akuma, Sagat, Rolento, Eagle, Iori, there’s a bunch.

But for that team, i’d go with either Cammy, Bison, or Rolento.

i was pretty good with Cammy in C-Groove…i owned everyone (cpu on ps2 lol) but i dont know why…but i kind of bad with her at a-groove…ne way im just going to practice with her combos at a-groove…

But is there a way that i can practice some skills at home so i dont suck at the arcade…im talking about the joystick…like i suck with the joystick…well maybe not use too

if ur 100% sure you want to go into the arcades regularly i suggest getting/making a arcade stick with REAL arcade parts. you should get a stick that’s the same as your arcade.

Read the best pokes thread somewhere here in the forums. i think it could be in pages 2-4. PokesYou made lots of great threads on em.

Read the character threads you want to play in in their threads.

It’s easier to win with Cammy Blanka Sagat then it is to play with some characters. start with them. You should not only play to learn but WATCH. look for the holes. steal their strats. but don’t be a photocopy of that player, make your own style.

Once you are comfortable with the game, you can pick other characters/grooves and different characters. i suggest to practice A sak bison blanka. and sak’s CC is sho sho sho sho sho hso sho sho sho sho sho. hers and bisons are hard at first. and it’s easier if u do this:

r,d,dr+p and after that do fireball motions. if you can’t get it , it’s either:

the timing is wrong
your joystick is messed up (this is what happend to me)

Don’t be rough on the joystick too. it’s better if you are softer with it than hard.

this is a half ass guide so someone emphasize and add to it :smiley:

Don’t tell someone who just started playing to use team BAS (sak, bison, blanka). They’re all very advanced characters. Try Cammy definately as she is the easiest top-tier character to play. You can be proficent with Blanka by sticking to the basics, but once you get better check out some more advanced Blanka strats.

Thank You…

Plug 4: Basically , just search for my SN in the search option in the forums tab in the toolbar on top. I’m all over strats and tactics.

EDIT: found one…

no, thank you. that and the advice you gave me on AIM helped this much

x 10

and A groove, start out with the easy CC characters.


that’s all i can get off head right now. gl.

hahaha… can’t… stop… laughing… :lol:

k now im practicing with sak-hibiki-blanka at a-groove or i change sakura for sagat…i can do combos all of them so it’s cool

but i may sound stupid…but no one ever explained me “pokes” can someone explain it to me please…?

jab, strong, fierce…these r pokes
Haduken, Shoryuken…these r specials
Shinshoryuken, Shoryureppa…these r supers

Just by pressing one button, u do a poke. By doing a stick motion and a button u do a special. by doing more then one motion on the stick plus a button, u do a super.

thats great idea actually… i recommend K groove for someone new at arcades for these reasons too… ppl who are used to playing comps or new at playing against ppl always roll too much and die, so using K prevents you from that… and of course, getting hit helps you build meter. doom has it right on… go with K groove. i really dont recommend A groove for beginners and intermediates. its a straight up offense groove, you dont have much defense options… if you tend to jump a lot (most ppl do at the beginning) then its even worse an idea, since in A groove once you’re in the air youre vulnerable to everything and there is no defense for you.

I say play whatever groove you want, no matter how good or bad you are.

I was watching this TV show once and they had CvS2 on there! “Arena” on G4 (the video game channel on cable). This one guy had A-Ryu… he did like CC, c.HP, c.HK, whiff some jabs, roll, hadoken, CC ends… Man, that shit was crazy right there. :eek:

Arena sure does suck. they said that DOA3 was a game based on timing and dexterity more than button mashing, and they refer to CVS2 as “get ready for some button mashing fun in Capcom versus SNK 2”. and we all know that DOA3=mashers game. sigh o: . i hate pc gamers, most of them are ignorant about fighting games. :lame:

<sarcasm>i saw this guy with joe do HURRICANE ATTACK!!! HURRICANE ATTACK!!! it was siiiiiiiiiccccccccccckkkkkkkk!! he zoned the hell out of him!!! </sarcasm>:lame:

yeh!!! im starting to win some games with my a-groove team


u suck

the thing is u suck and nooo one in this room can bet me i’m the best in that game i made it no can bet the ryu i have it takes like 4 chara, to bet him ( C groove) :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: