Help postitioning wires in a TE

I had to replace a button in my TE stick and after replacing the button the top panel no longer goes down all the way. When I force it the buttons don’t go down all the way.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i should position the wires so the buttons go down all the way?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sounds like the wires are sitting between the buttons and housing…lift the top panel up and do your best to position the wires around the buttons…if theres a set crossing another set of wires going to another button just disconnect and re-run so you have less comotion in there…then set the top panel down carefully…you will see the wires bundle up that will prevent proper seating of the panel…just move them around and dont get frustrated…

Thanks, I think your advice helped it looks like i got the wires organized :smiley: