Help! : problems with padhack on bootleg xbox360 controller



I was working on a padhack in one of these bootleg Xbox controllers(PCB in knockoff 360-controller *Updated with review and pics*), after haking the bumpers and trigers I decided to work on the rest of the buttons.As I assumed it was the easy part , I didn’t check my progress and moved forward. After finishing the job, I decided to test it.I was greeted with a weird malfunctioning.When conected , the controller flashes the 1 and 4 player lights, then flash all the lights to immediately shut down, even the device manager in windows cant find anything.

Keep in mind it was working after working on the triggers, does anyone had a problem like this or knows what is happening?



How did you “hack” the triggers?

Did you also check the controller to see if it works before you started your hack?

You might need to provide photos of your work so we can see if you miss wire something.