HELP ps3 error turned off completely

ok I just got CoD3 for ps3 today so i started playing it. DLed the longest ass update and start playing online. then I get boerd so i go to the XMB and load up tekkenDR. i start playin a few matches then the ps3 just TURNS OFF COMPLETELY!. no flashing red light, no green and blue light. no nothing. i try to restart it from the back many times. and using different outlets. but nothing. what can i do to fix this?

i really dont want to return this ps3 though and get a completely new ps3 with a new harddrive cuz my connection is slow as hell and it will take forver to get all the stuff i had on there before. plus there is a game inside.

please someone help!

is it possible that the power outlet is whats wrong?
plug it into a different electrical outlet.