Help! PS3Cecha01 + Mdcatz sf x tekken stick



I have a madcatz sf x tekken stick and a 60gb ps3 model cecha01. I want to use this stick to play ps2 games and ps1 games on my backwards compatible ps3. As soon as I put a ps2/ps1 disc the fightstick turns off, Anyway around this? which mod can I do?

Thanks in advance


So there was this huge thread how we discuss various options, compatible PCBs ect and so on

I going to Skip to the cheap method, Keep in mind PS2 games were not meant to read game controllers from the USB port. So your PS3 has to emulate the old PS1/PS2 controller port in software.
But this forces the controllers to try to resync. The issue is wired controllers do not have a reset the PS3 Dual Shock and Six axis controllers have.

This will work on both backwards compatible consoles as well as PS2 games that ported to PSN for non-backward compatible consoles.

Start up your console and get out your Six Axis or Dual Shock 3 game pad.
Start up your preferred PS1/PS2 fighting game (does not matter if the game is a disc or download)
Once in your game Plug in your stick, then go into the controller settings of the home menu and switch Player one from the Sony over to your stick


so no modding? I will try that, and when you say software emulation does that means a lot of lagg delay?


That did not work. Because the fightstick is not being detected.


I found it from the other thread the solution to your problems. This will work with both PS2 game Disks and PSN Downloads of PS2 games.


Pardon me for butting in…
But the preferred controller hardware for the PS2 titles on the backwards-compatible PS3’s were the Hori HRAP’s unless Sony released the compatibility code to Mad Catz.
The Mad Catz joysticks have always been a bit more temperamental with regards to compatibility on PC’s and playing PS2 titles on backwards-compatible PS3’s…
It’s a pain-in-butt, yes, but Sony did play favorites for a while with preferred third-party hardware partners. I think they changed their tune after Mad Catz paid them some money or they saw the ‘writing on the wall’ as far as hardware sales were concerned. I don’t think it’s a big secret that Mad Catz has probably well outsold Hori joysticks on at least the international market in the States and Europe. (Of course, Hori and Mad Catz are probably not going to say just how many joysticks they’ve sold nor do they have to if they’re privately held companies…) Hori just doesn’t have as big a retail presence outside of Japan…
There was a licensing issue which prevented Mad Catz from using the “PS” symbol on the Home Buttons on the First Round of TE and SE Model joysticks. The joysticks still worked with SF IV and PS3 developed titles but as far as I know the TE’s were never certified for PS2 titles which became a moot point when the PS2 circuitry was removed from later model revisions of the PS3 (that was probably sometime in 2009; most PS3’s sold have been the ‘thin models’ that don’t have PS2 circuitry, period… Even the 80-GB ‘emulation’ PS3 models had at least some PS2 components in them). Most people know by now that Sony abandoned direct PS2-disc compatibility in favor of recompiling popular franchise PS2 titles for PS3 and re-releasing those on Blu ray disc or as PSN digital downloads.


Hi George, so you are saying that ps2/ps1 titles, on my st x tekken stick, wont work with my cecha01 60gb ps3?
is there a way to mod it for it to work?

@Darksakul‌ I’m trying it with KOF XI and it didn’t work. The arcade stick did not lit up any lights indicating if it’s in player 1 or player 2, however the turbo button does lit up if I assign a turbo to a button, however pressing that button does not give any results, the game doesn’t recognizes the stick . I’ve mentioned I have a cecha01 60gb which is first generation, it does emulation differently by using hardware. However it seems to recognize the wireless ps3 controller, it takes a couple of seconds but the handshake works.


Sorry to also butt in, but doesn’t the VSHG work in PS2 b/c mode?

I thought that’s why Toodles put in VSHG mode on the Cthulhu/Kitty boards, so that it would work in PS2 mode.

If so (someone confirm it for me), what I’d do is swap your PS3 stick for a 360 one, get it modded with a Chimp, and use the button combination to trip it into VSHG mode, and that should do it.


VSHG, Older Hori Hrap sticks, Toodles Cthulhu in VSHG mode and the Sony Dual Shock 3 and Six Axis controllers will work with out any fuss.

I highly doubt that PS4 controllers would work.

I found the best solution to for compatibility with PS2 game disks is to have a legitimate PS2 console.


I too have a Cecha01PS3 and have no issue playing PS2 physical copies of SF Anniversary Collection, SF Alpha Anthology, CvS 2, or NG Battle Coliseum on it. Also PS1 physical copies of SF Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Pocket Fighter, and CvS 1 are cool too.

Probably some other games I can test, but for sure the above have been played with no drama in the last 6 months.

Just plug in the joystick and go.

Sticks tested:

@Husser_Brian HitBox Multi-Console (Akishop PS360+ in it).
Custom Arcadestick (PC/PS3 MC Cthulhu in it)
Nubytech SF 15th Anniversary Fightpad + PS2 to PS3 adapter (I can get the name of the adapter tonight.)
Nubytech SF 15th Anniversary Arcadestick + PS2 to PS3 adapter (I can get the name of the adapter tonight.)

( Pending )
I just got a PS3 MadCatz TE that I haven’t used yet.

@silvercool2k let me know if there’s anything you want me to try to get this figured out for you.


Does the PS360+ have VSHG mode, or is it just the Cthulhu?


Just the Cthulhu, Toodles as a hidden feature/back up plan the Cthulhu will emulate the VSHG PCB
It will even show up on your PC as a VSHG in VSHG mode.


Yeah, I’d probably just ditch the PS3 stick and get a 360 one then dual mod it with a Chimp, and get a dual mod and be able to play PS2 games via VSHG mode on the Chimp.


Thank you guys for jumping in, so there’s no way to mod the ps3 stick? do I have to buy a 360 stick?


Well, I mean, you COULD, but you’re essentially going to gut it down to the shell and the arcade parts, and completely remove the PCB, which also wouldn’t work with the turbo panel without some hardcore mods to it.

So that’s why I suggest to find someone who will swap with you.


any modders in miami florida?


If you were intending on going to CEO, hold off and have Gummo or someone with him do it. You’ll get top notch service and a quick install.


It’s this thing: TAC PS2 to PS3 Adapter.