Help push for more modes for UMvC3 at Capcom-Unity

What’s up, SRK!

I thought I’d try my hand at thread writing today to ask if you would support one of my suggestions on Capcom-Unity. I’ve noticed that we here at SRK have debated a lot about character additions and tweaks for Training Mode, but I have yet to find any suggestions as to what modes of play can be added to help make UMvC3 a more worthwhile purchase. The following is my existing suggestion now in Capcom-Unity’s Suggestion Box:

If you guys are interested in getting these modes into UMvC3, please search for my suggestion under my name ‘Sho’ and simply vote it up, that is if you have a Unity account. If you don’t, consider making one for this purpose. I would like very much for UMvC3 to be the ‘Total Package’ we wanted Vanilla to be.

Thanks, SRK
Kageromaru Sho

UMvC3 should ship with all the modes that SSF4 has, and a few extra can come later as DLC. If the modes must come as DLC, then they should be free.

I agree. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a standard as to what modes are included in fighting games as one may think. However, there are also some suggestions in my post that take advantage of UMvC3’s unique gameplay (i.e. 1v1/2v2 Play). If you have other mode suggestions, please let me know. Also, don’t forget: if you have a Unity account, please vote up my suggestion.

Agreed, I find it embarrassing that to date doa 4 is still probably the best fighter when it came to modes, both online and offline. Hopefully capcom stick a replay mode, at the very least, into mvc 3. Im not even holding my breath for youtube integration.

2 player ONLINE training mode would be amazing.

Nay to dip switches.

This, and no 1v1/2v2.

Arcade mode.
VS Mode (spectator mode alls under this banner)
Training Mode.

That’s all you need. Lack of other novelty modes is not a valid criticism of a fighting game.

But of course! Why should we even have stages and music? All fights should all take place in the training stage and with no music so that true competition could flourish. Extra modes and fun stuff? Absolute heresy for the true fighting game competitor. In fact, we should press Capcom to remove all those endgame quotes and extra tidbits so that the competitive spirit cannot be detracted. Maybe then fighting games will be considered a true e-sport!

They’re not a valid argument only if you don’t care about them. The people that do are really annoyed by their absence, in fact it was a big complaint about Vanilla.

I don’t care about extra modes, I’m satisfied with a training mode and offline and online Vs, but having extras never hurts.

Unfortunately I would be voting ‘Fuck no’ to most of those mode suggestions for the simple reason of I don’t want Capcom diverting resources from stuff that is more core to game functionality just to tart up the finished product. Something like online training mode would be ok. Replays would be nice if Capcom actually makes them not suck (i.e. better sorted and searchable) but otherwise given how unfinished Vanilla was I would be very worried if the producers of UMvC3 came out with an announcement of a shit ton of new play modes because I’d immediately start thinking “Ok, so what core aspects of gameplay did you compromise on in order to cram all this new shiny stuff in there?”.

The only other feature I’d care to see brought over from SSF4 isn’t even a mode - it’s the Replay Channel, and the ability to record, save and archive replays to your hard drive and upload them to YouTube. Why that isn’t part of UMvC3 I’ll never know.

I’d love the 1v1/2v2.

I seem to be the minority, however.

I’d love an online training mode.

Nice! I like this idea. People can find other people in lobbies who use certain characters so that they can learn how to play as said characters, or simply create an environment online in which people can play without being kicked out to the menus. Would anyone else like to see this added? Speak on it. I may make another suggestion at Unity.

I understand your concern. You are probably a person who likes to challenge others online and/or for local play to prepare yourself to compete in tournaments. For these purposes, some may say that Vanilla has satisfied. However, you may need to understand that not everyone who plays MvC3 care to compete. There are some that would want to find more ways of playing their game.

I live here in Los Angeles and have had access to several fighting game venues, such as Wednesday Night Fights, ReveLAtions and Evo in Las Vegas and have made efforts to participate in each one. When MvC3 games are played, they do generate a lot of hype at both the venue and on online streams. I get that, but the people at the venue and on streams are just a speck, a small percentage of the gaming audience. Others who pick up MvC3 will look at the menus and ask themselves, “Is this it?” and feel disappointed. It happened with my niece and her siblings. It also happened with members of my office when I first brought the game there.

When it comes to people who are not at the competitive level, variety keeps them playing. The more they play, the more likely they will get better. As they get better, they’ll start finding challengers. The more challengers they fight, the more confidence they will have in the game. People who have confidence in the game will more likely want to join or even establish their local fighting game scenes, which is good for us in the FGC.

It’s okay that you do not like my suggested modes, but you must admit that MvC3’s offline and online offerings are lacking. If you have mode suggestions, speak on them.

Kageromaru Sho makes some very good points. I never thought about it like that before.

This is a pretty…interesting concern. I understand that Capcom’s resources are not unlimited, but to say this is to greatly question their ability to prioritize.

When making suggestions such as this, you don’t need to concern yourself with things like, “I wonder how many people are working on this game,” or, “I hope Capcom has enough resources to add this.” Your only concern should be to help make the game more worthy of your money. Capcom will take those suggestions and set priorities. If they can, they will address them by adding them to the disc, setting the groundwork to make them available as DLC when said additions can not be added for initial launch, or simply say, “It’s not possible…” and give reasons for it.

So, putting your concern aside, are there any modes that you would like to see added to make UMvC3 more like the game that you want? It’s okay to say that you are satisfied with its current offerings right now, but don’t be afraid to ask for more if you aren’t.

I’d love 1v1 with a caveat: it needs rounds. Do it MSH style!
With the supersized life bar, they could make it happen… right?

I greatly question Capcom’s ability to prioritize.