HELP! Qanba Q1 not downloading drivers for pc


i just got this thing and want to use it now. so can someone send me a driver or tell me what to do. its the 360 version


Why so many people having issues with Xbox 360 arcade controllers?

What version of windows are you using?


i forget what i did but it suddenly worked. but win 7


Did it started to work after you twiddled with the USB cord?


haha, no. i tried my 3.0 ports, a few in the back, and finally the front panel usb. the front panel that fixed it. doesnt make sense to me. i had my madcatz te stick plugged in too and the pc noticed it and so did sf but when my friend and i started playing, it magically wouldnt do anything.


I am trying to rule out if the USB cord is busted.
Troubleshooting is going though this check list from easy and most common issues to harder to fix and less common


yeah, its not that cause my madcatz te worked until i plugged in the q1. idk, im just gonna download drivers for the mobo again just in case they got screwed up.


So on its own, The TE is fine or it also no longer works on your PC?


yeah, but now my usb 3.0 header isnt working. maybe the plug and play. its weird cause the game sees the stick but it wont do anything. i havent been home since friday, but when i get home tuesday, ill be sure to try and figure more things out man. thanks


Do you have a USB 2.0 header? Use that instead.


the back of the mobo has both and i tried both. the usb 2.0 on the front panel of the case, which plug into the mobo, worked. still cant use both but like i said, ill know more come tue


well good news is, the q1 works with my macbook. the madcatz te doesnt cause i have the ps3 version and we all know about that crap. now i can take the stick with me to school and what not. i love this stick now :slight_smile:


I know your problem is resolved but I had a shop owner tell me that it only works on 3.0 or a powered USB port. Also even if it IS the PS3 version maybe you can use joy2key or BetterDS3?