Help! questions regardin mas stick

After a long thinking I have decided to buy a mas stick.
Now i have few options:

A) get a mas stick with ps2 plug and buy a ps2 > dc converter.


B) get a mas stick with ps2 and dc plugs…

ppl tell me sometimes the converter lags…
ppl also tell me that when dc and ps2 plugs are used they crash easily…


i use the total control 2 adapter for ps2 -> DC and there is no lag whatsoever

I bought a mas for over a 100$ brand new I had used it twice and the pcb stopped working I was mad pissed I emailed mas they ignored me. If I could do it over I would have bought a custom stick from one of the many makers here I’ve seen Sex Instructor sells really nice looking american style sticks for like 120$ shipped that and an adapter and I believe you’d be good to go.

uhm…Mas never responds to emails just to let you know so you should’ve called them.

Yeah call them instead. Will fix it for you but you probably have to pay for shipping which gets pricey. I’ve gotten a couple MAS sticks over the past 2 years and I must say the quality of them has gone down quite a bit. I would also rather invest a little more into a nice custom.

Anyone know a good PS2 to Xbox converter for Mas stick?

You’re better off ordering from arcadeinabox. His work is exceptional and you won’t have to worry about pcb failure because he uses controller pcbs. Plus you won’t have to wait 6 months for your stick to come in lol